Apr 16, 2009

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, does it show?

You know that movie "A Beautiful Mind" where the guy finds out that he's imagined his whole life; best friend, conspirators and all? Sometimes I feel like that.

Well, not about the conspirators (unless my children count.)

It's more like when I'm standing on the curb with my 4 year old, waiting for his bus and thinking:

Today is thursday right? Not friday? Because he doesn't have school on fridays. I think it's thursday, but the bus is really late. Could it be friday? No wait, Lost was on last night, so it has to be thursday. Or was Lost on two nights ago? What did I do last night? Is it thursday or friday?

Oh my gosh, what if it's like tuesday?

And what if the bus isn't coming because he doesn't really go to school? He's just so horrible with all the screaming that I just wish I could get rid of him every day?

Or what if I really don't have a 4 year old, the neighbors are probably wondering what I'm doing outside talking to my non-existent child. Eek, what if I don't even live here, and the people who actually own this house are wondering what I'm doing out here talking about a school bus?

Should I be looking for cops? Or maybe some guys with straight jackets to take me away?

Because if I don't have a 4 year old, or probably any of the kids I've created in my mind, and I really don't live here, I'm probably a grungy insane bag lady. Which also means that I don't own a computer. Or a blog.

Oh my gosh, my blog is all a part of my elaborate delusion.

Except then why don't I have a better blog? What sort of nutjob imagines a semi-mediocre blog? And since I only have like 23 followers, then my blog must really exist, right? Which means I have to own a computer somewhere, right? And I swear this is my house. And how can you imagine a 4 year old stomping on your barefeet with his rainboots? The pain sure feels real. And, hey, there's the school bus.

Ok, I guess I'm not crazy.

But that doesn't leave out the theory of how the world is run by an elaborate computer like in the Matrix...


Rachel said...

I have done that . . . well maybe not so elaboratly as you, but more than once I have pullrd into my daughters preschool and there are no other cars there and I have to sit and think and make sure that it is the right day and that school didn't get cancelled or something.

Jen said...

Or, you could be like me and actually TAKE your child to preschool on the wrong day, DROP HIM OFF, and find out when you pick him up that IT'S TUESDAY.

Yeah, no doubt about it, I have a beautiful mind.

LisAway said...

I TOTALLY do that. Well, only first part of it, really. And when Lost is airing I seriously use it as a marker. And sometimes think maybe I'm remembering that it was last night when it was two nights ago etc. But as for the rest of your post, my mind isn't THAT beautiful. Or creative.

And by the way, how do you like this season of Lost? Really, I'm wondering. They probably won't start showing it here until the fall. :(

wonder woman said...

This is hilarious. Husband and I sometimes joke about A Beautiful Mind and the Matrix, but I've fortunately never thought my life was a paranoid delusion. :o)

And I love your blog. Your style *HONESTLY* reminds me of the famous Sue. So I'm excited that someday, I'll be able to say I knew you when.

tiffany said...

Cracking up here, so glad to know I'm not the only one who lets their mind get away with them LOL

Mother Goose said...

you're friends with wonderwoman too? girl your connected.

you are funny, i like your blog.

Mother Goose said...

i work part time and I do this to myself all the time. wake up oh my gosh, what time is it? do I have t work, what day is it, are you sure, i'm a certified nut job.