Apr 25, 2009

hairy iguanas

I tried to take a picture of myself the other day. Except that because of the angle of the camera (as I held it out in front of me) my nose looked HUGE.

I do have a sort of biggish nose.

It's not tiny, I admit.

But really - it's not that huge. Thank you very much.

We put the monkey in a toddler bed tonight.

It's been pretty scary so far.

Bedtime was almost 3 hours ago and he's still awake.

At least he's stopped jumping on his brother.

I'm going to have a big announcement type thingy majig next week (monday or tuesday....we'll see.)

Get ready, it's gonna be great! Or at least good. Maybe just ok.

(With hype like this, you can tell it's clearly going to change your lives.)

I need popcorn.

That need it overpowering my need to lose 5,432,927.34 pounds right now.

I think it's going to be caramel popcorn.

Ok, so here's one of those big nosed pictures, that I'm sure you were dying to see since the opening line of this post.

And since I'm posting pictures, here's one of Number Four:

She's gotta be the cutest baby you've ever seen (through the bars of a crib) right? I know. She is stinkin' adorable, I tell you.


Barbaloot said...

That is a totally cute picture! Both of them:)
I think I'm gonna go upstairs now and eat some popcorn...

That Girl in Brazil said...

1. You do not have a big nose.

2. Your baby really IS freakin' adorable.

3. I now want caramel popcorn. With peanuts.

4. Thank you.

LisAway said...

Hooray for big boy beds! Your nose looks normal sized and your house looks cute.

And the baby? She looks JUST like how you draw her! Seriously. I recognized her right away. She is cuter than cute.

Alison Wonderland said...

Don't even talk to me about you have a big nose, my nose could kick your nose's butt!!!

Cute kid.