Apr 4, 2009


About a week ago I won the "Pay it Forward" giveaway from Wonder Woman, and I'm just finally mentioning it.

Wanna know why?

Huh? Do you?

It's because I just finished making like 5,432,987.3 hairbows for a couple of parties I'm having next week. Lots of bows people. LOTS.

But anyways, I won the Pay it Forward give away, and now I'd like to, you know, Pay it Forward. So here's the deal (for the two of you out there who have never actually seen this before. Ok, who am I kidding, I think everyone knows about this, but here are the rules anyway because I know that some of you haven't actually won yet, and I totally want you to win this time.)

If you win, you will receive a home made item from me within a year. I'm thinking crocheted hats. And now I'm sure you're all thinking that I'm totally going to send you a grandma hat that you'll hate. OH HOW YOU ARE WRONG, MY FRIENDS. I am an awesome hat maker. No really. I have perfected my skills. And I'm seriously bragging here. Because otherwise people will automatically not want to enter for fear of winning scary grandma hats.

However, I'm thinking you'll want this hat for your child, or grandchild, or next door neighbor child. It really doesn't matter, except for the child part. Because the hats that I make look like puppies, or monkeys, or cats and once I even did a penguin where the earflaps were the bird's flippers. And I don't know about you, but I'm not really wanting to show up to the grocery store with a pink kitten on my noggin. (However awesome my hat making skills are, there are limits here.)

So if you'd like to win, you have to be one of the first 3 people to comment. And you'll also have to leave me your email address. So that I can contact you in a bit more private manner to get the style, color, size and intended address for your prize.

And if you are a winner you must then Pay it Forward. Because those are the rules. Don't fight it. You know you want to do something crafty and mail it someone. I'm secretly hoping that Jen wins, and then does something with a gluegun when she's making her homemade prizes. Because we all know how fabulous she is with a gluegun. Which, if for no other reason, is why you MUST go vote for her at MMB.

Now don't all rush to the comment box, although the thought of a purple monkey hat is extremely enticing.


Jen said...

So I'm reading along, thinking how I always skip these obnoxious things where someone wants me to MAKE something - when you have to go bringing up hair bows and glue guns.

I MADE HAIRBOWS (only two, mind you) WITH A GLUE GUN!

My "friends" made me. I may have to blog about it. But I'm never doing it again, so I'd better not enter - it's safer for everyone that way...

(Thanks for the plug, btw - you {and do doubt your hats/hair bows/stamped stuff} totally rock).

LisAway said...

I just paid it forward myself, so. . . you know. Hope you have fun, though!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Me! rebeccamccubbins@hotmail.com

Now... what sort of craft could I send out. Maybe I can assemble something out of Diet Coke cans to send to people... Hmmm... Just being practical here... something I have on hand, you know?

H.K. said...

I guess I lost out since I'm the fourth person to comment! I'm not really good craft person anyway, I would have probably bought something that looks home made, would that have counted?

Love your blog found it on mormon mommy blogs.

marisa said...

Please, please pick me...I love your hats and bows! I keep hoping one of these days I'll have another girl so I can buy one from you. But we have no desire to keep up with you and your husband right now..I don't know how you do it! They would definitely have to check me in as I believe that I have already gone crazy with 3 kids born within 3 years!