Apr 28, 2009


Ok, here it is - that life changing announcement I mentioned I was going to make.

Drum roll please...

I have been spending many a (very VERY) late night these past few weeks, to bring you a new way to get Church clipart, t-shirts, posters, stickers, activities, games, talks, lesson helps, handouts, the list goes on.

Green Jello with Carrots

It is a joint business with my mom, who has excellent credentials. You can read all about her on the website. (Ok, so for now it's just a blog, but we will eventually have an actual website.)

Right now I am still working out a few bugs, and adding more and more products and free stuff.

That's right, I said FREEEEEE STUFFFFFFF.

But I want to introduce my meager reading to this new business of mine, and see what everyone thinks. The goal is to have something ready made for you to download and use each sunday, or for FHE, or just for fun.

Please, go and see. And then keep checking back, because it's just going to get better!

See, your life is now totally changed.


Barbaloot said...

That looks awesome! What a fun idea--and great name:)

And chance I could get you to help me out with a pillowcase I need to make?

the MomBabe said...

Umm, WICKED AWESOME! I'm always looking for new graphics for FHE.

Jen said...

Okay you over-achiever, where the heck do you find time for stuff like this?

And what's with this now-that-Jen-doesn't-have-a-computer-I-think-I'll-post-all-the-time business? I think it's a conspiracy.

Claire said...

I shall check it out right now. And yes - your baby IS adorable. I love her 'little' cheeks..:) Beautiful.

RhondaLue said...

Now that I have to occasionally teach RS...I'd like it if you'd include on your website a way to purchase a RS lesson packet. It should include a full lesson including stories (replacing the characters name with my own to appear experienced) and scripture references, pictures, and cute handouts. Also it needs to be on the subject of my choice and sent a month before I have to actually teach the lesson so I can memorize it and pretend I came up with it all on my own. So yah..how much would you charge for that?

annie valentine said...

Get me a button for it and I'll post you on my sidebar...

wonder woman said...

CUTE stuff. Love the happy family.

And I *finally* have your giveaway goodies. Send me your addy PROMPTLY!! Ü