Mar 9, 2009


So have you seen those memes about googling the word "unfortunately" coupled with your name? I'm thinking this has been going on awhile, because when I googled mine a whole bunch of other bloggers named Melissa came up. So I decided to google "LUCKILY MELISSA" instead. (It was a totally creative switcheroo, I tell you.)

Luckily, Melissa is single-handedly changing that perception. (Which is really my calling in life, right? Don't ask "what perception?" it's totally irrelevant.)

Luckily Melissa had a vibrant blue Sharpie for me to sign with. (I would be nothing without a vibrant blue sharpie.)

Luckily, Melissa ducked and narrowly saved her life. (Phew, I know!!)

Luckily, Melissa was having a “good boob day.” (So that's not news- it happens EVERY day. Oh wait, it says 'good' boobs, not 'saggy' boobs. Nevermind.)

Luckily Melissa had handled all the logistics. (Not such a good idea, in fact, that's truly terrifying...)

Luckily Melissa & Dennis had lots of kids in the wedding party to enjoy the rain! (I swear it was Dennis's idea.)

Luckily Melissa and I are dorks. (Ok, who said that?!!!)

Luckily, Melissa is able to regurgitate a joke from a Laffy Taffy wrapper about a sheep and Ty dissolves into a fit of giggles. (My talents are unending.)

Melissa was making a beef lasagne. (Nope, sorry, those are tacos.)

Luckily, Melissa had been hypnotized before, so when I began the induction, she slipped quickly into a trance state. (I told you there were psychos out there to get me!)

Luckily, Melissa has the maturity Franny lacks. (I don't know who Franny is, but I highly doubt this can be true.)

Luckily Melissa provides just as good a conclusion to the story as I could hope for. (ALWAYS! You remember who we're talking about, right? I'm the BEST with conclusions. And beginnings. And you know....the filler crap.)

(See, it's good.)


Barbaloot said...

How many kids were in this wedding party? And whose were they? Sounds sketchy to me...

RhondaLue said...

that was GREAT!

Jen said...

Your ending rocked.

And we are dorks, aren't we???

Natalie said...

I insanely love this. I may have to steal it and call you my muse. Google here I come.

Claire said...

Hahahaha... classic. i'm goig to have to do this with my own measly name.

Annie Valentine said...

Luckily, Melissa has a really good blog.