Mar 25, 2009

some thoughts

I went shopping yesterday, and found that our Osh Kosh outlet was having sales ranging from 40-70% off. Their jeans were $10. TEN DOLLARS. I bought a green shirt for Two Bits at Walmart the day before St. Patricks and paid $7. Seven dollars for a shirt that will shrink, roll at the bottom, and look 52 years old after the first washing. It really goes without saying that outlet stores are sent from heaven (and also that if you spend $100 while there your husband should really not get mad because the sales were so worth it.)

I have a spot on my stomach that has no feeling. It used to constantly be on my mind. Sometimes I still think about it and poke at it with my finger just to make sure I still can't feel anything. I still can't, in case you were wondering. I guess that's what repeated c-sections will do to you.

I have egg breath.

I am an excellent mother ALL OF THE TIME. For every second of every day, in fact. If you don't believe me, here's an example of my mothering awesomeness:
Monkey was throwing food at dinner, like usual, which caused me to call him a booger. A common name for him around here (and for those of you sensitive to that word, like UKer's, just pretend that I said bogey, because it's the same thing.)
Two Bits and Opie immediately defended their brother by telling me that he was NOT a booger, but that he was a boy. So then I rebuttaled and said that he was in fact a booger because one day I stuck my finger up my nose and dug around in there until I successfully pulled the baby Monkey out of my nostril, and that was how he was born.
See what I mean about the great mothering? I should really receive some kind of honorific award for such a sentimental reference to the birth of my third child.

I have been recently watching episodes of old BBC series made from Charles Dickens and Jane Austen books on Netflix. Some of them are really great. I have to say though, that the version of Mansfield Park from the 1970's was a bit of a snorefest. But I made it through. And then I watched Bleak House and David Copperfield (that one was on PBS sunday night) which were very non-snorefest-y. But that's not really the point - - the point IS that now I feel like a total pauper. I don't have a single servant, I have to raise my own kids, we own zero horses and I highly doubt my old minivan can pass as a barouche. It's a little depressing. I think I at least deserve a cook.

Opie told me yesterday that his favorite princess was Ariel. I was thinking about how Husband would react to this news. I'm sure he would say that boys shouldn't have favorite princesses and then worry about the orientation of our little man. But then I would remind him that Ariel is the one that only wears seashells. I think that this would cause the worry to cease, because clearly Opie has the right priorities here.

And now I need to clean my house, because I have someone coming over. I should be more embarrassed at how messy it is here, but I'm having a hard time finding the right level of devastation.


Barbaloot said...

No horses? Haven't you even one pony? Horrors!

LisAway said...

Oh. DO NOT see the Mansfield Park from the late nineties (I think). It sucks rocks. Fanny is NOT FANNY AT ALL. She's all headstrong and sassy (in a dumb and not remotely charming way, not to mention a very UN-Fanny way) and not at all the moralist that she is in real life. I mean in the book.

And there's a scene. And I was like, "Excuse me?" And then I took the DVD out of the player and broke it in half and threw it in the trash. (I had found it at the grocery store for like $5 and I like the book so I was excited to see/own the DVD. Until I wasn't)

Rachel said...

Of course you're a good mother. Good mother's are creative. And you are nothing if not creative.

Jen said...

You are my idol. And if you manage to find the proper level of devestation, please tell me its secret hiding place - my husband would really appreciate it.

Heather said...

You are on Netflix, eh? You should befriend me so we can send movie notes back and forth!

RhondaLue said...

I hereby bestow upon you the highest mothering award ever bestowed upon anyone. Ever.


sleepless in cyberspace said...

I had TWO people "pop in" yesterday to my messy house. I thought the "pop in" was a no-no. Luckily I had been out that dya and was at least wearing make-up and a bra.

Wal-mart clothes are severly over-priced. I can pay the same amount for better stuff at Old Navy. Even their clearance stuff is NOT that great of a deal.