Dec 13, 2008

pieces of my heart will NOT be selling at DI - a follow up post

So you know how a little while ago I posted about getting rid of our baby clothes? No? Yeah, well, I did. That was during my "moody" period, and I was a bit upset about it. Ok, so I'm still upset. But I'm getting better.

Sort of.

I went through all of our clothes and separated them into two piles.

The "Wow, that has some nasty stains, but I just can't throw it away, because how wasteful would I be, don't you even CARE about our earth, so it better go to DI where they can hopefully power wash that out, or throw it away themselves without telling me" pile.

And the "I'll take this to Other Mothers and hopefully get some cash or atleast some more cute kid clothes out of it" pile. (It was a much smaller pile....but still surprisingly large, because we have a ton of old baby clothes, which I believe I already that other post.)

And then I put the two piles in containers (multiple containers) and stuck them in our garage. You know, to hang out until I could actually get to DI or Other Mothers. And you guessed it - they're still there.

I'm so on top of things!! (and yes, those are sarcastic exclamation points.)

Except that it turned out ok-ish. Because today I went through the "Other Mother" pile and pulled out some of the really good stuff to sell on Ebay. Because money. Money money money. No need to comment further.

Ok, that was a lie, I'm going to comment some more about it. Because I don't think I can get much money from selling old clothes on Ebay plus I started most of them off at like $4. But still. SOME money.

And the other pile won't be going to DI after all. It's going somewhere even BETTER. Any article of baby clothing that I cannot sell or trade in will be going to:


That's right, friends. Mexico. The land of the Churro. (Ok, now I've offended all of my Hispanic readers. I was JUST JOKING. There are better things in Mexico than churros. And I doubt that churros even originated there. They're probably like fortune cookies, where Americans just like to make up customs from other countries and sell them in restaurants. Or, in the case of the churro, at the county fair.)

Back to the baby clothes.

Man, you're distracting me tonight. (Of course this is your fault, I'm glad you can see that. Work on that will you?)

My cousin's husband's mother (good connection, right) goes to Mexico for a few weeks every year to visit family. And apparently the babies there don't have much. Or I guess the parents of the babies there can't get them much - because it's not really the babies' faults. Or the parents really. ACK- distraction.

So my cousin and I are sending all of our old baby stuff to Mexico for the poor little babies that don't have poop stained onesies to wear. Ok, so I might take out the poopy ones. But who knows - someone could be really grateful for that, poop or not. Which is why I don't like throwing stuff in a landfill. Even though, yes, that is a poop stain ALL the way up the back. (Sometimes bleach and stain sticks just don't cut it.)

And so now I feel a little better about sending little pieces of my heart away because that's what charity will do to you. And so will Ebay auctions.....just not nearly as much.....and only if someone bids......and sometimes it helps if there is a bidding war. But mostly it's just Mexico that makes me happy.


the MomBabe said...

Viva La Mexico!

(yeah, I really had nothing to say, but, I know you love a good random comment)

JustRandi said...

Wait, Americans invented fortune cookies?
So pretty much everything I know about the Asian world is smoke and mirrors, is that what you're saying??

Tracy said...

LOL! I totally know what you mean. I have stuff in my garage that I've been meaning to take down to DI or Goodwill. Usually my husband will grab it and take it for me. It usually goes like this:

Me: You know, I was just talking to so-and-so and she was telling me she's looking for an entertainment center. Why don't we give her the one in the garage that we didn't put on Craigslist yet.

Husband: Yeah - it's gone.

Me: HUH?????

Husband: Yeah - it's gone.

Me: What about the futon couch?

Husband: Yeah - it's gone.

Me: What about our third child?

Husband: Yeah - she's still upstairs.

Me: WHAT?!?!

ROFLOL! Just kidding about the third child.

.......I mean - she REALLY is still here - I was joking about donating her. :D

Claire said...

And what's with the stains up the back!? Why?! And how?!

That's good that you're being so charitable... Surely you'll be able to rack up some blessings for that too? Win-win situation.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Clearly Claire has not had babies yet... Because when babies poop... OF COURSE they poop all of the way up their entire backs. I mean, why wouldn't they?

That Girl in Brazil said...



Jen said...

When your done saving the world via old clothes at your house, why don't you come to mine and do some more good works? I could totally hook you up...

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Well that is a good idear. I wonder why my sister hasn't done this before...

Anyway... I forgot to order bows from you. Is it too late to get a set for both of the girls?

Tracy said...

Hey Girl - Merry Christmas!!!!! Hope you're having a great holiday!!!

Jen said...



Did I give you permission to go bloggy AWAL? I do not think so. This absence is NOT authorized. If you ditch your blog and stop entertaining me, I'll hold it against you forEVER.

Seriously. I have actually had the conscious thought, "I really need good old Bastow to write me a laugh. No one cracks me up like she does," and then I wait. So COME BACK - blogland just isn't the same without you!