Dec 28, 2008


I'm having a love affair with popcorn.

We used to just see each other at the movies. I would sit in the dark theater, with my hand in the warm buttery tub delighting in my guilty pleasure. Everything was rather innocent back then.

And every once in awhile I would pop some in the microwave. I would tell the kids it was for them. Like a favorite uncle, they loved it when popcorn was in our house.

But then we bought an air popper.

It's been two weeks. Two weeks of never ending popcorn.

First I made caramel corn for my kids' teachers. The good crunchy kind. I thought I could share it. I thought I would be strong enough to give some of my beloved popcorn away.

But then I started to think of excuses to make more. The neighbors needed some, and we ought to make a double batch for our family Christmas Eve party. And each time I would dip in and dive further into the affair.

I also realized how wonderful air popped popcorn with real butter was. It was like finding a deeper more meaningful side to the snack that I desperately craved. The final ingredient to fall completely under popcorn's control. And now I am lost.

Lost to popcorn.

Buttery, caramel, or even coated in red jello, I cannot get enough.

But it's not so bad. Popcorn is good with the kids. It's also healthy to have popcorn in your life (it is high in fiber, you know.) Also it doesn't bother me in bed or dirty too many dishes. Popcorn is easy to make and on adventurous days it doesn't mind if I get creative. I'm thinking about continuing the affair and just keeping my husband around to shovel the driveway and change poopy diapers.

Because popcorn is my lover now.


wonder woman said...

Ahhh......air poppers. I saw one in wal-mart the other day and almost bought it. We had one as a kid and it was heaven in a box. And with the caramel.....I'm totally feelin' ya, girl. And REAL butter?!?!? It seriously doesn't get better.

Plus, it's practically fat free!! (Well, not the butter and caramel, but who's counting?) I think your affair with popcorn is not some extra-marital thing to hide and be ashamed of, but a new best GIRL friend!!! She loves your kids and is so good for you!!! You don't have to do a thing for her, she's just there when you need her -- only 2 minutes away.

You should be counting your blessings for God giving you such a dear friend.

Barbaloot said...

With red jell-o? Really?
I remember reading the 'Little House' books and how Almanzo put a bunch of pop-corn in his glass of milk without it ever spilling over. I always wanted to try it-but never have. Let me know if you do:)

Jen said...

We too just purchased an air popper. And can I just say that as a complete microwave popcorn addict, it is a bit of a problem. If I could just make it taste that good with out dumping butter all over it, it wouldn't be a problem - but DANG! There is no substitute.

(If we're both having affairs with popcorn, does that mean it's two-timing us?)

Annie Valentine said...

Jen's a popcorn FREAK. I don't mean in a good way, I mean like, if there are more than seven kernels left unpopped she wigs out in a very unbecoming way.

I've missed you, it seems like forever since I've had a Melissa fix. Good to see you again.

LisAway said...

Um, you know I don't like popcorn, so I can't understand this obsession. Like don't you know about moderation and all that. But then I think of me and brownies and realize what a hypocrite I am. (just kidding, I didn't actually think you weren't being moderate or whatever, I mostly just thought, "Popcorn. Meh.")

Hey, I assume that's the book cover over there? AWESOME!! Great work. Love it!

Jaron and Michelle said...

You just made me want to go buy a popcorn machine so I can make carmel popcorn. Wow you should reall be a sales person for them. Remember making Cracker Jack popcorn in the oven that took forever. It was the bestest!!

the MomBabe said...


Melt 1 stick of butter, with 1 bag of marshmallows, when it's all nice and melty, stir in a packet of jello, any flavor you want, then pour THAT all over your popcorn. nom nom nom.

Tiffany said...

My kids and I eat popcorn daily but I am a microwave user. Air popping is just to much work for a snack.

In fact I am going to make some right now. two min and ah sweet lovely popcorn. Yummy, gotta go pop.

JustRandi said...

Oh baby!! Air popped popcorn with real butter is a serious candidate for my favorite food.