Dec 2, 2008

I can't think of a title so what if we just skip to the post

So I was on vacation for awhile, and I'm not even promising to catch up on all the blog posts I missed. Sorry.

But I fully expect you to read every single word that I type. Really.

While I was on vacation I went with my mom and my sister to see Twilight (my second viewing.) And then we discussed the hotness of each character. Of course with different opinions, but mine is the best, naturally.

I decided to get all obsessed about it though, and I re-read the book before we went. Which doesn't sound TOO obsessed until you hear that I was in a craze while searching the house for my step-mom's copy of the book. I couldn't find it anywhere. I even checked her trunk. (It wasn't there.) Luckily she got home after about an hour (or possibly two hours) of searching. Which left me about 24 hours to read the book, and still socialize with my family.

Did you know that it's possible to read and carry on a conversation at the same time? I think this was only possible for me because I had read the book before. Because I'm pretty sure I get a little cranky if people interrupt me when I'm reading anything for the first time.

Speaking of books, I read one on the way home. With a flashlight, because it was dark most of the way. The book is called "The Hunger Games." I guess it's kind of popular right now too. The plot is actually a little disturbing, considering that someone actually thought this all up. But it was a really good book. And now I'm all bugged because I have to wait for the other books in the trilogy to be written.

Why can't people just write the whole series before they publish so that I don't have to wait. Authors should know that their books are all for ME anyway. So they should be doing what I want. So should everyone else for that matter. Doesn't the world revolve around my every whim and desire? Because I have to say, the world's doing a pretty lousy job and I'm not really getting what I want.

Oh, except that also while I was gone I got to buy our Anniversary/Christmas/my birthday gift: Guitar Hero World Tour. I'm pumped. Except that I'm forcing myself (and the husband) to wait until Christmas to play it. That way we atleast have something to unwrap that morning. And maybe I'll just pretend that I don't already know what it is. And maybe I'll also pretend that the actual Santa Claus dropped it off. And that he also cleaned the reindeer poop off of my roof before he left.

Poop is kind of on my mind because Screamer just pooped in his underwear. TOTALLY GROSS. But as we were buying the usual cartload of diapers last night I decided that there will be none for him. Because really, this is just getting ridiculous. So he gets a pull-up at night and is now forced to wear underwear all day. I think it's going to kill me. I hate this part of potty training. I don't do well with feces. Or urine for that matter. UGH.

See aren't you glad you read every word? It's so worth it...


lifeinthehighlands said...

I have also been known to buy stuff for myself for Christmas, wrap it up, and then pretend to be really surprised when I open it. I'm practicing my astonished face right now.

Claire said...

I hadn't known what this Twilight business was all about, and one of my friends told me about it. Then I saw a big advert on the side of the cinema in town for the film that was going to be showing on dec 19th. I may just go and see it!

And yes, any kind of human waste is not something to be enamoured with. Even if the child belongs to you. POtty training is a horrible stage. My thoughts (and rubber gloves) are with you ;)

Jen said...

My favorite two words of the whole post were "feces" and "urine."

I'm so glad I stuck it out.

(Well, I suppose the rest was rather entertaining too, but I just love hearing how other people are doing their time with bodily wastes now that all my kids are potty trained. Neener, neener!)

That Girl in Brazil said...

I always read every word cuz I might just keel over and die if I don't.

And I think I'll wait to read Hunger Games til all of them are out. I waited for Twilight and Eragon, too. ('Cept Harry Potter. I almost died waiting for book 7.)

Aaaaand I'll stop talking now.

LisAway said...

I just wait until the series is finished and then read them. Not so much on purpose as because I'm lazy. Or I don't have access to the books. Or any other number of reasons.

I loved the first sentence of Jen's comment.

wonder woman said...

First off, you're hilarious. I love your writing and your blog. And I'm not even trying to suck up.

And I need to start potty training my youngest. I'm SO not looking forward to it. But no diapers is good. So good luck with all that.

And I now want to re-read Twilight since seeing it, too. I also went for my second veiwing with female family members.

Tracy said...

I think when my oldest was potty training, I cleaned poopie underwear. Now I just throw it away. I don't like cleaning poop out of underwear, either.

Last year, my daughter had an accident in her underwear and she put them in the hamper. I was like, "NO!!! If you poop in your underwear, throw them away. If you want to keep your favorite underwear, then don't poop in them!!!" me mean mommy. But seriously. Cleaning poop is GROSS!!!!