Dec 10, 2008

guess what?

You know that book that Sue is putting together for NieNie? I got to do the cover.

Can I get a WOOT WOOT.

Want to know what else is cool? The pig in my header is still dressed like a turkey and will probably stay that way until Christmas is over.



the MomBabe said...


LisAway said...

That is SO awesome! Wow! You'll be famous! Finally!

wonder woman said...

WOOT WOOT!!! That's friggin' awesome! I am in awe that I "know" the person doing the cover.

And we eat turkey at the thanksgiving and should be giving thanks more than gifts, so I think the turkey is beyond appropriate.


Barbaloot said...

Maybe you should put the picture of the pig dressed like a turkey on the cover....?
But really---that's cool. Congrats!

Claire said...

WOOT WOOT! Any piccies of what the cover's going to look like?

Jen said...

I always knew you were the most talented girl in the blogosphere... How else could you have made that awesome pic of me in the bathtub?

(I bet there's some people really wondering right now...)

Motherboard said...

That cover is SWEET!

You have some major skills!!