Nov 3, 2011

KIDS (this one's for you, mom)

I can tell that Monkey is my son.

He looks mucho a lot-o like his dad.  Except for his ears, we're not really sure where they came from,or his lack in booty.  Because if it's one thing we do well here, it's growing big booties.  All of us except for Monkey.  He's practically booty-less.  So his pants fall down constantly, and he doesn't care so much to pull them back up.


I know that Monkey is my son because the other day I wanted him to run downstairs and get something.  Downstairs is the kids' room, and they have a big tv down there that's not really hooked up to anything, so they only frequently watch movies on it.  But it's there, nonetheless.

And when I said, "Yo Monkey, go downstairs and get that thing."
Monkey said, "NOOOOOOOO!"

So then I said, "Why not?  Just run.  Go.  Do it now."

And he said, "I don't want to.  It's scary."

And I said, "Why is it scary?"

And he said, "If I go down there, the tv will turn on all by itself and scare me."

And then I led an inquisition into who told my precious 4 year old that the tv would turn on by itself. And then I found out that no one had told him, he was just afraid that it might happen, JUST BECAUSE.

And that's how I know he's MY son.

I can't even walk past a tv without thinking about that girl from The Ring.

Also, while we're on the topic of my Monkey son; I was working on the computer today and he came into the room with a crayon and coloring book.

And then he said, "I brought you this picture to color!"

And I said, "Oh really?"

And he said, "Yeah!  You color this picture while I play games on the 'puter!!"

And I said, "You just want me to get off the computer so you can play games."

And he said, "See?!  You can color like this!  On your own picture!!"

And I said, "So I color, and you play games?"

And then he got all big and grinny and said, "Yup!"

So then I let him play the computer.  That kid LOVES his computer games.  Except that I never colored in his book, which is ok, because he colored that page later anyway.

And now I will unceremoniously end this post with a bunch of random pictures from my memory card that I politely labelled so no one would get confused as to their content:



Barbaloot said...

That football picture is fantastic---love the expression.

Rachel Sue said...

Agree with barabaloot. Love his face. Also, you are the best crazy hair day mom ever.

Cynthia said...

They're all adorable! Cute kids and cute costumes.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Kids missing high fives is one of my favorite things about kids.

And your daughter is definitely gorgeous.