Nov 17, 2011

toy store heaven (also known as Blickenstaff's)

Does it seem like Christmas is coming really really fast this year?  (As apposed to previous years where it only came really fast, and not really really fast?)  Usually by this time of year I've cemented and possibly purchased the toys Santa will leave under our tree, but this year has been slightly stumping.

Which is one of the reasons why I really liked spending time at Blickenstaff's last saturday.  Because Blickenstaff's is toy heaven.  And I turn into a great big kid when confronted with toy heaven.  Because toys are really fun.

If you don't already know, Blickenstaff's is a Utah toy store that has cool vintage toys and candy and modern toys and did I mention candy?  (THEY HAVE A WALL OF CANDY.)  And the staff there will tell you all about the toys and then they'll let you touch everything and even play with the toys, if you want to.  And it's really hard to fight the urge to play when the place looks like this:

So basically, I got lots of Christmas toy ideas while I was there.  (And also I bought some slap watches for my Two Bits and Opie - shhhh, don't tell them.)  And also I won the game Banagrams, which was super awesome.  And I also ate some of their candy.  Which was also awesome.

But what I really REEEEEEEALLY want to get is the big ride on toy (it's big, it has pedals, I died of awesome when I saw it) that Blickenstaff's is giving away during the Lighting of the Riverwoods event tomorrow evening.

I'm obligated to tell you to come to The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo, tomorrow, November 18th, from 6-9 PM for their Christmas lighting event - BUT IF YOU SHOW UP AND WIN THE BIG RIDING TOY FROM BLICKENSTAFF'S INSTEAD OF ME, I WI LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND BEAT YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE THE TOY TO ME, AND ALSO YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY ME $500 JUST BECAUSE.

So now that we're clear on that, check out these cute monsters:

They're adorable, right? 

And just because I feel like you're not really believing me about this whole "wall of candy" thing, LOOK:

See, I'm no liar.

And just because I want to end this post on a Christmas-y note, check out these thick candy canes (I love them):

Blickenstaff's compensated me for writing this with free candy and awesomeness, and also I got smell their giant gingerbread house.  All the amazing photos were provided by Bryce Olsen Photography.

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Barbaloot said...

I want Blickenstaff's to compensate me to come see how awesome their store is! I also want a slap watch.