Nov 21, 2011

this is about the time I ate at the best restaurant in Provo

I was making myself a salad for lunch today, and all we had was that gross bag salad with the little carrot slivers in them.  So then I was scrounging around in our fridge looking for ANYTHING that would make it taste better.  (Because bag salad with little carrot slivers is ultra grody.)  But we didn't have anything to add to it except for an almost rotten tomato and some generic croutons.

It was not a good salad.

So then I had to just pretend that I was eating this:

"This" being one of the amazing and tantalizingly yummiscious things I ate at La Jolla Groves the other day.  Do you so those white things?  Under the green leaves?  On top of the tomatoes?  THAT'S CHEESE.  And it was super yum.  I like cheese.

And then I ate even more cheese when I had some of this:

And then I ate lots and lots more really good food.  And guess what?  It was all HEALTHY.  Seriously.  I didn't even feel guilty as I was stuffing my face with all that deliciousness.

So basically, La Jolla Groves (which is a restaurant in Provo) pretty much spoiled me for ever and ever, and now when I have to gag down bag salad with little carrot slivers in it my taste buds feel majorly jipped.  Because I've had a taste of real live food, cooked by a real live executive chef, who wears a real live chef hat.


That's an executive chef hat.  (And under the hat is an executive chef.  And he's really nice.  And his food tastes like the clouds parted and then angels threw food of perfection from heaven that lands on plates with gorgeously arranged accuracy.  His food is seriously really GOOD.  And you can only get it at La Jolla Groves in Provo.  SO GO GET SOME, RIGHT NOW.)

And you can have this for dessert:

If that doesn't look like food thrown from heaven by an angel, I don't know what does.

La Jolla Groves compensated me for writing this with free lunch from heaven, and also they treated me like I was really important, which has never happened at a restaurant before, and I LIKED IT.  All the amazing photos were provided by Bryce Olsen Photography.

P.S. I promise to write a normal blog post eventually someday.  I've been sort of busy freaking out about not having Christmas presents.  But I PROMISE to not write sponsored posts for the rest of existence.

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Barbaloot said...

Your first mistake was trying to make yourself a salad in the first place. Mac & Cheese is the answer.
Your second mistake was not taking me with you to your fabulous lunch:)