Oct 23, 2011

robots, zombies, and hint of aliens on the side

I've been watching a lot of sci-fi during the past week and a half.  (Basically, my ipad and netflix have been my constant companions.)  And there's just one thing that I really have to ask:  Why are we building robots?!

(I'm looking at you, Japan.)

I think it's pretty clear by now that if humans are ever going to be overthrown as the dominate power on this planet it's going to happen at the hands of ROBOTS.

Sure, they start as simple machines.  But then we have to make them look more like people, and then we give them personalities, and then eventually along the robotic evolutionary path they start becoming self-aware, and then the next thing you know they realize that they are stronger, smarter and just plain more awesome than human beings, and THERE GOES THE HUMAN RACE.

It's all so obvious.  Otherwise they wouldn't have so many shows about it.  Plus also, it just makes sense.  So stop making robots (Japan), because I like being the dominate power on this planet.


My husband came home raving about some show "the guys at work" have been talking about.  And what do you know - it's on netflix too.  You might have heard of it: The Walking Dead. 

Apparently lots of people like it.  And it's about zombies.

I'm a pretty big fan of scary stuff.  Ghosts, OF COURSE.  Aliens, you bet.  Witches, werewolves and vampires, sure, if nothing else is on.  But zombies?  I HATE ZOMBIES.

I really really really hate zombies.

I didn't understand my deep loathing of zombies until I started watching that show either.  I mean, I always try to avoid zombies whenever possible.  But I thought it was because I actually just thought they were stupid.  NOPE.  They are, in fact, super super scary.  SUPER SCARY, I TELL YOU.

I could only watch the first 2 episodes, and then I had to go back in my room and watch some more sci-fi on my ipad. 

Because I find aliens to be extremely calming after being subjected to zombies.

But even 3 episodes of Stargate Atlantis couldn't wipe my mind of all those horrible zombie thoughts.  So when it was time for bed I couldn't actually fall asleep.  And I just laid there.  (On my back, all uncomfortable-like, since I still can't sleep on my side.) 

And then, of course, it was the night that all the kids decided to wake up 50 times for various reasons.  Except they don't come right into our room, or wake up screaming like they used to.  Oh no, they have to walk slowly through the kitchen and then creep down the hall, scuffling their little feet, making as many ZOMBIE NOISES as possible.

So our night pretty much went like this:

kids: scuffle, scuffle, "nnnngnnnnnn."

me: punch, "Wake up, there's a zombie in the kitchen."

husband: "OW, it's probably just one of the kids."

me: "No, it's a ZOMBIE.  Go smash it's brains."

husband: "I don't appreciate being woken up every half hour for the same thing.  There are NO zombies, it's just one of the kids."

me: "Shut up, it's only been 5 minutes.  Go smash the zombie's brains now."

I hardly got any sleep because of this.  Stupid zombies.


Kristina P. said...

I watch The Walking Dead so that I can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Melanie Jacobson said...

My husband was like, "This is awesome. You should not watch this under any circumstance." Because he knows me really, really well.

Rachel Sue said...

I am just so, so glad that we are friends.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Mydaughter and I watched "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Village of the DAmned" last week. Super scary/cheesy. We were getting into the spirit of Halloween!