Oct 31, 2011


Oh, Halloween.  You're so.......not as much fun this year.

The proof:

1) I didn't even hang our decorations this year.  Because, you know, meh.

2) Nobody gets a new costume.  Usually everyone gets a new one.  This year we're doing repeats.

3) We have craptastic candy.  Because Husband picked it this year instead of me.  Usually I at least get those big cheap bags with tootsie roll stuff in them.  Actually, I didn't know there was anything cheaper than those big bags with tootsie roll stuff.  Apparently there is.  And that's what we're handing out this year.

4) No church trunk-or-treat.  Which means we have to actually walk door to door and do regular trick-or-treating if we want candy.  Which is a pain.  I LIKE TO BE LAZY. 

5) The weather can't decide if it's cold or warm.  Make up your mind, weather.  I need to know how many layers to throw on my kids so we can NOT be lazy and walk door to door.

6) I think Halloween is amplifying the evil spirits that dwell inside of me.  And I don't even need a witch costume to be mean and cackle-y.  And don't even cross me, because I will so Avada Kadavra your butt.

7) MEH.   pffffft.


StickyLittleFingers said...

Lol, I'm lazy this year too. So lazy that I didn't decorations or costumes. BUT I did get good candy to hand out...I may or may not have been eating it.

LisAway said...

That's the spirit!!