Oct 6, 2011

mostly about eyes, kind of

I think about worms a lot.  When I was in jr high we had a parasitical worm section and my biology teacher was slightly, um, memorable.  (He was a total weirdo.)  And he told us all about how everyone has worms because they're so easy to get.  And how he's seen doctors remove little kids eyeballs because they thought they saw a tumor in there, but it turned out just to be a worm.

It was majorly creepy.  So now I'm constantly worried that I have worms.  And everytime I have an eyebooger I'm like, "aaaaah, is it a worm?!"  But I'm hoping that with as often as doctors look at my eyeballs they'd be able to tell if there was a worm in there by now.  (And I'm just going to ignore the other 500 places in a human body that a worm can hide, so don't even mention it ok?)

switching gears now

You know what I think is annoying?  (Besides the obvious things like claw bangs and Bob Saget.)  On tv or movies when someone is trying to be really covert by signaling to someone else and they do some kind of facial expression or eye movements or something but really they're being totally obvious.  And yet NO ONE else notices except for that someone else that is being "covertly" signaled. 

Or when on tv or in movies some people are having a secret meeting in public or sneaking around or whatever, and they're trying to "blend in" yet they act like completely huge paranoid freaks.  Except, once again, NO ONE notices.

It's just lame.

ok, switching gears again

I've combined forces with Caroline to take over the world via craft tutorials and printables.  So you'll have to check out, love, follow and read our blog often.  Because we're going to need everyone's full cooperation to meet our 6 month world domination goal.

And also because I posted a tutorial on this today:

It has eyeballs on it!  And they're not even infested with worms.....just spiders.


Rachel Sue said...

That is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing to tell a room full of jr. high kids. Seriously. Scarred for life.

Melanie Jacobson said...

So I think that your Halloween bush must be made from whatever it is that is gestating in the sack of bulging intestines your doctor is cutting out. (Did I connect those dots correctly?)