Oct 4, 2011

the cranky recluse

I have hermit-ish tendencies.  Or more aptly put, I NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE.

At first it was my kids' fault.  Because for years I had little tiny kids that were a major pain in the butt to take anywhere.  Just the thought of getting in the car was enough of a deterrent. I always had to plan an extra 7-12 minutes for each time I had to buckle all of them in their carseats.  And how often is it that you just need to go one place when you're out?  NEVER.  So there would be the whole, buckle, unbuckle, buckle, unbuckle, buckle, unbuckle routine until I was so tired of seatbelts I never wanted to get in a car again.

I used to be able to leave in the evenings though.  And run away for awhile to exotic places like the library or Shopko.  And I only had to worry about buckling myself in.  And I could play really loud hard rock in the car without having to worry about damaging baby psychies or eardrums.  And it sort of kept me from being so much of a hermit that my neighbors forgot what I looked like. 

And then my eyes broke.  And going anywhere past dusk was out of the question.  I mean, I COULD go out.  But I'm not really a fan of near death experiences on the freeway and stuff.  So you know, I just wouldn't go out.  And leaving the house during the day meant the whole, buckling unbuckling thing still.  Plus my kids had reached the stage of "Buy me that!  Why aren't we going to McDonalds?  I want to run freely through the aisles!!  WHEEEEEE!" so it's not like they were a load of good times outside of the house.

But then glorious school happened.  And for a couple hours during the day I would only have half or NONE of the kids home.  So leaving the house became so much easier.  Except that I realized I didn't really have anywhere to go besides the grocery store.  But still, I had the OPTION of going out.  If I felt like it.

And then we moved here.  And Husband's car died.  And so he takes mine to work every day.  And I only get it when I have to go get tortured at doctor's offices.  And besides, even if I had a car I would just get lost in it.  Because I do that.  Frequently.  And it's gotten to the point where even walking out of our door is like, "AAAAAAAH, SUNLIGHT!  I'm melting......" 

I think this is why I'm so cranky all the time.


Barbaloot said...

The outside world is over-rated. Stay inside and stare at the box with pretty people inside. It's better that way.

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

homebodies rule. If only the grocery store would deliver. I'd be golden. And the seatbelt thing - UGG! Can't they just have some sort of protective bubble they climb into and they're safe? Like their own all-encompassing air bag.

Nice to know there are others out there like me. Since we'll never meet in person since we don't leave our homes.

Heather said...

What is wrong with the car? Perhaps my mechanic husband could be of some help? (Don't you just love how being a wife gives you the right to volunteer your husband for stuff? I do! haha.)

elesa said...

I'm pretty sure they make lights that simulate all the good things the sun does for us, so all you gotta do is get yourself some of those, and then you can be a cheerful recluse, which is everybody's favorite kind.

LisAway said...

You and me both, girl.