Sep 8, 2011


Once again I find myself on the precipice of "I really ought to go to bed" and "I really don't want to go to bed".  And as I ponder this decision it's like I have a little angel and devil on my shoulders.  Just like in cartoons.

Except that it's not really an angel or a devil.

And they're not really little.  Or cartoon-like.

What it's more like is me arguing both points of view, with myself, in different voices. And I flip my head to the right or the left depending on which point of view I'm presenting.  And sometimes I make hand motions.

In a high, innocent voice (and facing right) I say, "You know your lazy rear will never get out of bed in the morning if you don't grab some unisom and get in bed RIGHT NOW."

And then in a low, slightly satanic voice (and facing left) I say, "Yes, but it's so much fun to stay up late and write stupid blog posts, so go ahead and take your unisom and stick it up your aaa....."

High voice, "Woah, woah, woah, there is NO NEED to start swearing, and I will not stick unisom anywhere other than in your mouth.  Right now.  To bed with you.  Let's go."

Low voice, "You're right, maybe I will go to watch 5 episodes of Doctor Who on the ipad!  That's right."

High and right, "You're evil.  I'm telling."

Low and left, "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, cough, sputter, ack, ha."

FYI, I am not actually having this actual conversation with myself OUT LOUD.

No, I am not that crazy.  Yet.

The conversation is just going on INSIDE MY HEAD.

So, see, I'm perfectly sane.  Thank you for your concern though.

Do you think they have any new episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix yet?  Because I'm kind of dying to see the next season.  Unless they're about the stone angels.  Because then I'd NEVER get to sleep, those things are creepy.


Laura@livingabigstory said...

Hilarious! Please let your next post be a video reenactment of this argument! Please!

elesa said...

no new doctor who yet. SOME people download the newest Doctor Who episodes off torrent sites. Other people think that is evil. That is all I will say about it at the moment.

Camie Rae said...

Dear new friend...I have been stalking you for awhile now but I must come out of the stalking closet noew because A) it's hot and sweaty in there B) you make me laugh harder than anyone ever and C) those freakin stone angels ARE THE CREEPIEST THINGS EVER!!! My hubby has been downloading all the new episodes of Doctor Who because we're cool like that...and kind of love it. You rock. I'm glad to know you. The end

Rachel Sue said...

yeah, i'm reading this while having that same conversation with myself.

Jen said...

I hear the voices in your head. In fact, I recently put an alarm in my cell phone to tell me to go to bed at night. It's obviously working, since it went off over a half hour ago...