Sep 27, 2011

doors, pinkies, shards of glass

I've often wished I could have a mechanical pocket door that slides closed when I push a button.  Actually a few of those doors.  That way I can put them on my kids's bedrooms (someday when we don't live in this house and they actually have bedrooms anyway) so that I can stand all scary looking outside the door and say something authoritative like, "you will clean this room" or "you're grounded" and then push the button, and the door will slide closed while I'm still looking all scary.  And maybe I'll do an evil laugh or make my eyes glow or something.  And then, of course, the doors would automatically lock upon  closing so my kids would HAVE to do what I tell them before they can get out.  Because I would be the only one with the door opening codes. And then all their crap would be cleaned up.  And it would be great.

We signed Opie up for flag football.  And then I forgot about orientation until it was already over.  (In my defense I was all fire-throat-y that day, so my brain shouldn't have to be required to remember things at the same time it's thinking, "ouch, ouch, ouch, need to swallow, ouch".)  And since his first game is tomorrow we thought it would be a good idea for  him to learn the rules of flag football.  So Husband took him into the back yard saturday evening and taught him. 

And then THIS happened:

THIS would be a broken pinky finger (and a safety pop in his mouth).  We found out today that he'll need it splinted for 3 weeks and buddy-wrapped for another week.  FOUR WEEKS.  To heal a broken pinky finger.

Honestly, it's a little bit lame that the first broken bone I have to deal with as a parent is a pinky finger.  I mean, not that I would rather he have random broken bones protruding from his body or anything.  Just that a broken pinky is......annoying.  You know?  But in four weeks, he should be ship shape and fracture free.  And he did get that safety pop out of the deal, so you know, there's a plus.

Right before I took Opie's picture something really horribly terrible happened - I dropped my iphone on the concrete and the screen shattered.  And now when I try to use it, shards of glass (is it really glass?) jab into my fingers.  So I'm thinking that talking on the phone is now O-U-T.  Which is ok, since I'm not a big phone talker anyway, but I really want to play with my apps!  I MISS THEM.

There's my Pinterest app that I use at every available moment.  And I'm not done breeding my Pocket Frogs.  And I can't even browse Ebay or Craigslist on a whim.  And I just expanded an establishment in my latest app procurement, Pet Hotel, so now how am I even supposed to collect coins from all the animals?  Not to mention, I can no longer write emails from the bathroom (Caroline, I added this one for you, because I know how much you love it when people communicate from the toilet).

So anyways, long story short, we're doing super fabulous here.  You know, if you consider a lack in self-closing doors and broken bones and shattered screens to be fabulous.

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Candela said...

Owh... I missed this one!! That's why in your latest post (the day after this one) I was saying something like "you haven't blogged up for quite sometimes". Get well soon Opie!