Apr 26, 2011

title goes here?

Monkey took the tube of Spongebob kid toothpaste and has hidden it.

We can't find it anywhere.

And it's not like HE remembers. (Not surprising.  At all.)

But wherever that toothpaste is........it's probably squished out and smeared all over.


I sure hope we find it before we move...

Husband leaves for Utah in 3 1/2 days. 


The only good part about him going down weeks and weeks AND WEEKS before us is that he can find the rental house of perfection.  Or at least he better.

I know the title of "the rental house of perfection" seems like I would have a lot of rules about it.  But really I don't.  Just that it needs to be big enough, with a yard, by a good school,  and not near drug dealers, polar bears or any kind of low-security prison.

Well, that, and one more MAJOR rule that cannot be ignored:

The rental house of perfection cannot be old.  (And by old, I just mean, old, ok?)

Because old houses ARE ALWAYS HAUNTED.


And as much as I love ghosts, I will not live with them.


Stef said...

Okay, your blog is so fun. Found you on Mormon Moms who blog.

There is nothing more that I love than finding dried toothpaste all over everything. And when that stuff dries, it's like cement. Ugh!

Good luck to your hubs in finding the perfection house.

Rachel Sue said...

While I doubt that it exists in my neighborhood, you should move to my neighborhood. Kay? Thanks.

LisAway said...

Oh yes, we all know how much you love ghosts and all things paranormal. Hopefully he'll find a good newish house near a really old house so the ghosts can just visit and you won't have to actually LIVE with them.

Barbaloot said...

You're gonna be hard-pressed to find a non-old house that isn't surrounded by polar bears. The new ones is where all those bears hang out.

Wonder Woman said...

Wait. Does this mean...... you're moving.....to Utah?


Check ksl.com

annie valentine said...

Man I wish you could rent my house. Our ghost would love you guys.