Apr 4, 2011

EEEEK, burbble, gah, AAAAH, sniff.....

I'm freaking out just a little bit.  There are NO KIDS in my house right now.  As in, they're gone, not just outside or something.  GONE.

Number Four turns 3 in about 6 weeks, so we're following all the rules to transition her from therapy into the preschool.  (The state drops therapy at age 3, and private therapy when you're insurance is stupid - OH BOY, expensive.)  But before the school district will even touch them, your child has to prove how far very far behind the "typical" rate of development they are in the form of lots of tests, assessments, and lastly in-classroom observation.

Mostly, we've loved the early intervention preschool.  We've tried to get all of our kids in it because of their developmental lag.  Two Bits was too clever to get in.  She knew shapes and numbers and stuff, so even though the people performing the assessment couldn't understand a single word she said, due to her horrific articulation, she wasn't deemed "severe" enough to get into the school.  Their main concern, as mentioned during the final meeting, was that she couldn't hop on one foot.  To which I replied, "Honestly people - the child can't speak and you're worried about hopping on one foot?!!!" (At least that was my reply later...in the car......when I was alone......being not quite confident enough yet about my parenting to really stand up for her.)  She's turning out ok though.  And she can talk AND hop on one foot now.

Getting Opie into the preschool was CAKE.  The child had been screaming non-stop for like, oh 3 years, and was currently in a developmental rut in which we thought contained autism.  (His rut is much more shallow now, but may still contain that autism - however, we've decided to fly free of labels for the time being.)  I remember putting Opie on that preschool bus for the first time and having the heavens open and angels singing praises for the entire 3 hours he was in school.  It was a good day.  The next awesome milestone - FIRST GRADE - ie. gone for the entire school day.  Next fall will be blissful indeed.

Monkey was harder to get into school because the kid is so gosh darn compliant.  During assessments he would be led into the correct answers and given credit when he had no idea what was going on.  I don't think they knew they were doing it, I bet some kids need a few extra nudges sometimes.  But with Monkey, he'd figure out they wanted him to say or do something, pick the most obvious thing and then say or do it.  Like when they told me he could count to five all by himself.  I can't remember if I called them idiots out loud or just in my head.  I do remember, though, pointing out all the incorrect scores on their shiny assessment paper....to no avail.  They still wouldn't let him in.  But guess who's not so cowardly anymore?  Yeah, that's right - GO MOMMY ADVOCATES OF THE WORLD!!  Monkey started school last November.  And I don't think the preschool  people like me very much.

With each of the kids we've always gotten them super hyped for school.  It was always, "Yay SCHOOL!!  Don't you wish YOU were in school.  Super super school - woooooooo!!!"  And sometimes dancing.  But with Number Four, I was never like that.  (I'm just consciously realizing that today.)

Yet, I knew this day was coming.

I knew that when she turned 3 I would want her in that preschool.

So why am I feeling so FREAKED  OUT?

Possibly because that evil EVIL preschool took my baby away today?!!!!  MY BABY. 

She was so brave about it too.  I dropped her off.  I expected loud peels of screaming tears.  But she took off her backpack and started looking for somewhere to hang it.  And when I said, "You're going to have FUN today!" Her little bottom lip quivered a teensy little bit as she said, "Hes."  (That's how she says "yes".)  Then I said, "And I'll come back to get you in a little while, ok?" And her little voice quivered a bit this time too when she looked up at me with saucer eyes and said, "Hes."

There was no screaming.  No tears.  Just her adorable little chin quivering as she bravely faced the new experience.  So, um.....is it ok if I'm the one throwing the tantrum?




Melanie Jacobson said...

I cannot imagine, even a little bit, that I will be sad to kick my kids out a few hours a day. Whoohoo!

Barbaloot said...

So are you happy or sad? Or both? Good luck adjusting:)

Kristina P. said...

Haha, I love Melanie's comment.

My condolences and congratulations?

Rachel Sue said...

I am not quite there yet. My baby still has a whole nother year until he starts. Some days, I am happy about this. Somedays, I am not. Even a little bit. So, I get it.

LisAway said...

The quivering chin. That is terrible. What a sweet little girl. I hope you can love the time you have to yourself and feel awesomer because of it.

mommabas said...

Ok, now I'm the one with the tears. She was. just. born! I used to wonder about those parents who were always happy when school started--I loved having my kids home. I know....weird! The only thing I enjoyed about fall was getting back on a schedule from the craziness of ball games, sleepovers (never planned far enough in advance), and a houseful of people continually. But, yeah! She will love it and I'm glad you will have some time to yourself!

T said...

I hit the First Grade milestone this year... all of my kids - GONE - all day... well, y'know, unless the school decides to let them out early (so not cool)

but even my stone cold heart MIGHT remember melting a little bit that first preschool day...

and yes - I can totally relate to the idiotic developmental testing... my son was getting speech therapy when we lived in WA and deemed pretty messed up speech-wise... but this state's testing showed that because his vocabulary was so high (100%) he didn't qualify... even though his actual speech was UBER low (15%)... yeah, those average out above 50 so he's "fine"... I threw a fit, he continued in therapy... but I was one unhappy momma.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Um, just had to come back to say that I extra especially love The Barrel this edition. Whoohoo! And THANK YOU!

RhondaLue said...

Ahh early intervention. Yah, I know what you mean. My son was COMPLETELY NON VERBAL and yeah he got in right away but when they administered the test if he grunted they'd count it as a "yes, I understand and this grunt is an agreement to whatever you said." Der.

When my next son needed in, he was turned down the first time but accepted the second time a few months later when I made them repeat the test. THe kicker that got him in? He didn't know if he was a boy or a girl when they asked him. I was all..CHA-CHING! Glad I didn't teach him that particular thing. So it just goes to show you that you should teach your child NOTHING and get them into EI. ha ha kidding! But on a totally unrelated note, those Kinder teachers really need the affirmation of being the one to teach them all that junk. Plus they get PAID to do it. ;)