Apr 6, 2011

this time I was almost POSITIVE there was a ghost in my house

My house has been pretty quiet in the mornings what with Number Four gone.

It's a little weird.


Yesterday, after dropping everyone off, I got home and thought, "Jeepers, I can do whatever I want!  So what do I want to do the VERY MOSTEST out of everything I could possibly do?"  It didn't take very long to figure out what my very mostest wanted to do thing was.

I went back to bed.

For another TWO HOURS.

It was so great.

This morning though, I had to get some work done.  So I spent most of the morning upstairs at the computer.  And our heat kicked on, and I was thinking, "We have the loudest heater EVER."  Because I hadn't realized before how loud the sound of rushing air could be when there is absolutely no other sounds in the house.

So I was sitting there, working, listening to hot air going through our vents and then I started hearing SOMETHING ELSE.

It was like a little thump or clunk.

Naturally, I went into full Ghost Hunters mode - it's really the only course to take in a situation like that.  And I figured it could probably be debunked as maybe an extra heater noise, or a noise outside that was muffled by the heater, or something being blown over because of the heater.  (Lots of thoughts about the heater this morning.)

But then I heard it again, and it was LOUDER.  And it sounded like it was coming from the window downstairs in the living room.

When I heard it for the third time I could no longer pretend that it was something innocent.  So I figured: a) there was definitely a ghost in the house, or b) some psycho stalking murderous rapist was trying to break in.  There were just NO OTHER explanations.  At all.  NONE.

As it happened for the fourth (and loudest) time, I grabbed my cell phone and did the trick I learned from my cousin - I dialed 9-1-1 and then kept my finger over the send button in case it really was someone breaking in (brilliant, no?)  Then I was all kung fu sneaky and headed down the stairs.

The noise happened again just as I was hitting the bottom stair.  I was right - it was coming from the window in the living room.  And do you want to know what it was?

The ghost of a psycho stalking murderous rapist!!

No, just kidding.  It was an (obviously demented) robin, repeatedly flying into the window.

Why?  I don't know.  It stopped and flew away when I came into the room.  I don't know if it could see me through the window or just decided to fly into someone else's window for awhile.  Maybe it flew away to a little birdy mental institution?

But I was almost certain it was a ghost, before I actually found out what it really was.

And to be honest with you, I'm not entirely certain that the bird wasn't being enticed by ghosts to do it.


Heidi said...

That would be incredibly scary when at home all alone and not used to it. I found a dead hummingbird outside my sliding glass door the other day--very sad. I have never known a hummingbird to be so dumb as to do that.

Rachel Sue said...

So, yeah. That would freak me out too. I wish I had this yesterday. cause I would have totally used the 911 trick. My husband plays volleyball until late, and last night he locked himself out. So, I woke up to pounding on my bedroom window. (our room is in the basement) And I was convinced that some psycho killer rapist was trying to get me. And then I realized what was going on. But it was still traumatizing.

I'm glad it wasn't a ghost. Or a serial killer. I would miss you.

LisAway said...

Oh man! The devil made him do it! Freaky. I'm glad he didn't make it in because who knows WHAT might have happened then!?!!!!! (and so glad you're enjoying your kidless time! Like by fretting over ghost crazed robins.)

Barbaloot said...

Repeatedly flying into your window? That's a little odd...

elesa said...

Exact same thing happened to me. But I thought it was some noise the neighbor was making. A half hour later it got annoying so I went to check it out. I certainly never expected a deranged bird smacking beak first into my window. And he did the same thing, several times a week for most of the summer.

Maybe it is the same bird?

Wonder Woman said...

BAH HA HA!!!!! Am I the only one laughing hysterically at this?!?!?!?!? That's HILARIOUS! And slightly traumatizing, to be sure, but also HILARIOUS! It's like the windex commercial! Love it.

Jen said...

I am so relieved that it wasn't a psycho rapist!

There was a hall with windows on each side at a building where I went to college, and one time a wet bird had flown and hit the window, and it left a dirty imprint of a bird. The professor I worked for took a picture and it was his desktop background until after my time.

Caroline said...

Birds are dumb. He was probably trying to make out with his reflection. (Notice how I assume that the dumb bird is a he? I'm sexist like that.)

Melanie Jacobson said...

I am regularly amazed at how dumb birds are.