Jun 5, 2010

tomato anxiety

Yesterday there was almost a tornado here.  We don't exactly live in tornado country, but we live in gale force wind country so hearing a tornado warning wasn't a massive shocker (if they had said tsunami, then yeah, shock). 

Of course, the warning happened just when I needed to pick Two Bits up from school.  As we got ready to jump in the car I mentioned the tornado to Opie.  Which was a really stupid idea (I should have known better).  Because when I told him what a tornado was, he commenced in a full-on anxiety freak out. 

First he spouted off about 35 questions like, "What are we going to do?!  Where will we hide?!!  Is it going to suck up all of my stuff?!!!!"

Then he got Monkey involved and the boys started running in circles screaming, "DON'T LET THE TOMATO GET US!!!!!"

My imagination does a pretty good job at scaring me about things like tornadoes without my kids having their own panic attacks.  So as I was saying stuff like, "Knock it off, we're not even going to see the tornado, and we'll be just fine, please stop screaming"  I was imagining all of my kids being sucked up into a whirling mass that was also carrying an old farm house and a witch on a bicycle.

Turns out it never touched ground, so technically we can only call it a funnel cloud.  And while I was out doing the school pick up routine I saw the funnel cloud, and pondered it, but didn't quite realize I was looking at a could-be tornado.  Which was probably for the best.


Wonder Woman said...

It would be so cool to see a giant tomato come and suck up a trailer home. Because those are the only kinds of homes I've ever seen a tornado destroy. And I've seen a lot -- grew up in Kansas.

cc said...

Holy moly! How did you know there was even a warning?! I saw the winds, but thought "business as usual", but then Brian came home and told me about it and I didn't believe him. Were there two of them? Or maybe it traveled, because it uprooted a bunch of trees in my MIL's neighborhood.

And I just asked Brian if he knew about the warning, and he did! But didn't think to call and tell me?!

Cynthia said...

Ack! I'm glad it wasn't a 'real' TOMATO!

It was fun to meet you at the CBC!

Jaron and Michelle said...

lol That is funny! I can see your boys doing that! Opie must have been a nervous wreck! The first time I ever saw a funnel cloud was on our way up to Idaho. You must live in dangerous land!