Jun 9, 2010

school's out......FINALLY

Are my kids the only ones that go to school into June?

In celebration of today being the last day of school we played all afternoon.  And when I say "all afternoon" I really mean from 4:00-5:30, because the school day here ends really late.

We all went outside (well, not all of us, because Opie has been spending a considerable amount of time in time-outs the past few days, so he came out a few minutes after every one else.)

The kids had Otter Pops.

I grabbed a shovel.  The stupid shorty shovel that Husband bought, that I curse everytime I shovel anything.  It's like half the size of a real shovel.  STUPID SHORTY SHOVEL.

I started to dig out the spot where I want to plant a garden (yeah, I know I better hurry if I even want to grow anything.  But with the weird-o cold weather, I figure I can't be that far behind, right?)

I let the kids play with the hose.  All they wanted.  And get as wet as they wanted.  In their clothes.  For as long as they wanted.

I cursed the stupid shorty shovel, but kept digging.....and digging.  Something I hate worse than stupid shorty shovels are stupid long rooted weeds.  STUPID LONG ROOTED WEEDS.

I finished with the weeds, and started laying in some blocky bricky things for the edges of my garden (see how serious I am about this garden thing?  Ok, mostly the blocky bricky things are so Husband doesn't run over my garden when he mows the lawn.  'Cause he's kind of a lazy mower.  But I'm still serious about this garden thing, and a serious garden deserves blocky bricky edges.)

The kids' screams turned from happy sounds into wailing sounds.  I noticed that Monkey and Number Four were purple (that's what happens when you have low muscle tone....and wussy circulation). 

The kids were shivering.  I was sweating.

I made the kids strip at the door. 

I praised the bathtub gods who granted us two. 

I got warm water running downstairs.  I got warm water running upstairs.  I got the girls in the shower downstairs.  I got the boys in the shower upstairs.  I put shampoo in the girls' hair downstairs.  I put shampoo in the boys' hair upstairs.  I rinsed out the girls' shampoo and got them out of the shower downstairs.  I rinsed the boys' shampoo and got them out of the shower upstairs.  And then I ran downstairs to get a diaper for Monkey.  And then I ran upstairs to get all the kids dressed.

I cursed the bathtub gods who put our tubs on different floors.

I sweated some more.

I plugged the kids into a movie.

I took a cold shower.  Which was good, because after running two previous showers, at the same time, and cursing the bathtub gods, only cold water was left.

And then I made dinner.

Happy First Afternoon of Summer!!!! 

(We will not be doing this every day.  Even though I didn't even have to exercise this evening, after all of that.  And when I say "this evening" I mean tuesday evening....although it's technically wednesday morning - but since I get to sleep in tomorrow, I'm still partying...at 2 AM.)


Claire said...

Yeah - our kids won't finish til the end of June. I'm dreading it. What am I going to do all day?

Note to self: must buy a hose...

Kristina P. said...

Can you send those bathtub Gods my way? We only have one bathroom and one bathtub. Boo.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm already jealous of your garden. Pretty sure June is still planting season for your neck of the woods.

Monica said...

We have a house with a bathtub/shower upstairs and a shower downstairs. The idea was that we would use BOTH, but for whatever reason all of my kids freak out at the thought of showering downstairs, to the point that we started just using it for storage.

You mentioned low muscle tone, what's the cause of her low tone, if you don't mind me asking?

MomBabe said...

We're in school until next week.

And you pretty much word for word described our daily shower ritual.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I blame the stupid shorty shovel for all of it.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Our last day is tomorrow! Don't think our boys will be playing in the water, though. Forecast is only upper 60's. We have been having crazy cold weather, too. Killed all 4 of our tomatoe plants, and both of our pepper plants. Even though we covered them when the cold snap hit. Rats.

Alison Wonderland said...

My kids got out last Friday. We immediately went on vacation. But we're home now which means I'm going to have to start entertaining them. Cue ominous music.

LisAway said...

Our kid's last day of school is June 25th. !!

What a happy last day of school you all had! I hope it's not a foreshadowing of what kind of summer lies ahead for you.