Jun 1, 2010

holy sinkhole, batman

Did you see this?!  If that doesn't make you afraid of tropical storms and/or giant man-eating earthworms I don't know what would.

And does that hole just look a little too perfectly round to anyone else?  It's almost like it's been photoshopped.  Either that or it really was created by a giant man-eating earthworm and Guatemala is just using a cover story.  Except that hole is like the size of a city block, so I guess we'd have to call it a giant three-story-building-eating earthworm?

Either way.  Scary.

So you wanna know who I hung out with at CBC?  I met so many people that my brain is kind of on strike with the whole remembering names thing, so I'll probably forget like 3/4 of the people I met.  But here are a few:

Rachel Sue, who is clearly awesome, and never even got annoyed that I leeched onto her whenever possible.  I felt like I knew her before, but now it's official.  So now we can hang out in the future and bring our families along and not even care if our husbands have nothing in common to talk about.

Wonder Woman who had the cutest baby at the party/concert/mocktail (what was it's official name?)  And who I'm glad went to the party/concert/mocktail so I could actually meet her in person since I never call her when I'm in town, even though I tell her I'm going to.

Mombabe who I would want to hang out with all the time if she lived anywhere remotely close to me.  We would let the kids loose in the yard and then think of really funny stuff to say until we both get really tired and then we could debate who looks worse without mascara (because I think I might be able to beat Mombabe-Cancer-Face if I also didn't straighten my hair and let it do it's usual frizzing ponytail thing.)

Motherboard who was super busy the whole time since she was all in charge and stuff.  But who I'm really glad I got to talk to in person and not just by email anymore.

Annie, who kind of knows everything.  (She really does - she said so in one of the classes. Plus I almost know everything, and can vouch for knowing that she knows everything.)  And she is as friendly and fabulous in person as she is on tv.

And now my brain is shutting down, so I'll just throw a few more names at you: Rowena (who isn't named Rowena at all), Monica, Jo, Sue (yeah, that Sue - I talked to her for like 2 whole minutes), Michelle, Tenille (even though I don't know where she blogs) and a whole bunch of other people that I can no longer remember names for. 

So if I left you out (which will undoubtedly happen with my amazing memory skills) leave me a comment that says, "hey DORK, I saw you there too!!"  So then I can blog-stalk you appropriately.


Monica said...

Hey! I made your list! I must be soooooooo cool.

annie valentine said...

I didn't even try to list people. But I AM going to finally make myself a reader tomorrow so I can actually keep up with some of you wonderful women on a more regular basis. (At the moment I usually type in your blog address because I have it memorized. Seriously.)

Wonder Woman said...

I know and love almost everyone on your list. The "almost" applies to loving them. I'm sure if I knew them I'd love them.

Like I love you.

(That's not creepy.)

Call me. Seriously.

Jen said...

I feel like my brain is still so super full that if I blog about it, it will explode into a never-ending post. As soon as I wrap my mind around the whole thing, I will be expressing my happiness at also having seen you for rillz!

Motherboard said...

I love you. That is all!

LisAway said...

Awesome! Except not the sinkhole. That's just nightmarish.

MomBabe said...

Well then what it really comes down to is this: eyebrows. Can you see yours without makeup? Because mine are the same color as the rest of my face. I'm pretty sure this means I win, because I'm pretty sure you have visible eyebrows. Plus, I always win at things like this. It's just the way the world works.

~j. said...

I liked seeing you at CBC. (And for T, try averyfive.blogspot, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing that.)

Kristina P. said...

So, apparently, I missed meeting you at the CBC OR hearing what apparently was a hilarious blog post from you. I was too busy stuffing my face at Chile's. Boo.

And you are right about evil 5 year olds.

Tenille said...

I was there! and you found me, too! I heart blog stalkers, do stalk away. :)

Jaron and Michelle said...

You so forgot and me and the most gorgeous baby in the world. lol