Mar 15, 2010

short trip

I'll be spending a whole week with my sister and her new baby at the end of the month.  But that seems like an eternity from now - you know how much newborns change in 2 weeks.

Last friday I pulled out my very best whining, bribery and incessant begging and guess what?  It worked.  Road trip (with two sick kids, but no biggy.) 

We got to spend a very fast weekend with my family, and I got to see my new niece.

She only has one head.  But it's a cute one.

I even got to take pictures of her, even though my sister was still in the hospital.  I can't wait until I go down again and I can play 'Crazy Camera Aunt Lady' again.  Just think, we'll have props and clothes and hats and DAYS to take pictures. 

And I'll get to hold her ALL I WANT.  At least that's my plan.

(If you want to see the pictures I took over the weekend, I put them on my dorky photog blog.)


Rachel Sue said...

I love the wrinkled little newborn feet picture. She is adorable.

I would have pulled out my best whining voice to see my niece too!

Heather said...

I looked at your photog blog. I'm excited for you to do my wedding pictures. :D

Wonder Woman said...

As a mom with a 2 week old baby and 2 older boys, let me just say that SHE WILL BE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU WHENEVER YOU'RE THERE. By the time you're there, baby will be awake a lot more but mom's gonna be exhausted. Which means you get LOTS of time to hold baby and take more cute pix.

And piecing together what you said in a comment.......if you are in south Utah county, LET ME KNOW. We've got two restaurants with playplaces down here and my kids would to make new friends. Oh, wait. You won't have the kids with you. That's fine. Makes it easier. Just GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. Maybe we'll even get Miss Rachel Sue to come down.