Mar 1, 2010

flip flops and ponytails

You know about this, right?

Casual Bloggers Conference

I better see your head nodding.  Because OF COURSE you know about Casual Blogger Conference, AND you already have your ticket and have planned the shoes you'll be wearing that weekend.


More head nodding?

Yeah, I don't have my shoes planned.  I'm thinking I'll be in flip flop mode by then, so you can probably expect to see me there in something casual. 

You'll know me, because I'll be the fat chick with ponytails and flip flops.

I'm not sure which special guest I'm looking forward to most.  They all look really glamorous and important.  (Which will contrast really great with my chubby ponytailishness.)  I think I'm most interested in the photographers that are coming.  As in, not anyone taking pictures of me, but those who are teaching the subject.  Because anyone who takes a picture of me while at the conference will have to die a slow and painful death.  Either that or your camera will break.  Because I belong behind and not in front of a camera.  Trust me.  (Flip flops, remember.)

I think the most thing about Casual Blogger Conference I'm looking forward to is having a weekend away from my kids!!!  WHOOOOO.

And meeting all of you, of course.  (But that one was a given.)


Barbaloot said...

I hope you have fun! I'm not going-but if I were, I would totally rock flip-flops and ponytails.

TheOneTrueSue said...

Dang. We're gonna have to fight over the chubby ponytail slot. Because at present? I'm all over it.

MomBabe said...

I ♥ flip flops.

The Motherboard said...

flip flops + ponytails + JEANS = Motherboard.

Nice to meet you!

Emmy said...

We are going to be in Utah about one to two weeks before this :( It sure would have been fun

Claire said...

I'm so sad I live so far away. Really. So sad.

JustRandi said...

I hope you have a great time!! Let us know all about it. Part of me is a leetle bit jealous, and wants to live vicariously through you!