Feb 12, 2010

off topic

There's something wrong with me.  I couldn't bring myself to get excited at all while Husband watched the olypmic's opening ceremonies.  Shouldn't I be automatically excited, you know, being a part of the world and all?

Maybe I'm an alien. 

That would explain so much.

I wonder if they have olympics on the planet I'm from?

But it did get me reminiscing.  Remember when the olympics were held in Salt Lake that one year?  I saw the actual real-live olympic torch that year.

I was a super newlyed  in those days and Husband and I lived in this ultra scary apartment in downtown Idaho Falls.  The apartment was actually a hotel built in like 1940 and then converted into apartments in 1970-something.

And had never been updated since.

The apartment was super cheap - which is why we lived there.  But it was full of some scary people.  Like the guy who liked to yell random phrases at me from his window while I scraped ice off my car in the morning.  Or the super creepy guy who frequented the majorly low class bar that was on the ground floor of the building, who once got in a fight outside and was laying in a puddle of his own blood when the cops showed up, and who would stare up at all the windows at night when he didn't think anyone could see him standing right next to the street lamp.

But when the olympic torch came through town, it was run right past our building.  I didn't even have to go outside (good thing since I remember being alone that night, and super creepy guy was out there.)  I just stuck my head out the window, snapped a couple pictures and can now lay claim seeing an actual olympic torch.

It was so nice when we left that place.  Our second place was a run-down trailer where you had to be careful where you stepped since there were holes under the carpet big enough you could break an ankle stepping in them.  It also smelled like something had died under it.  But it had a real actual kitchen, with an normal sized refrigerator AND an oven.  Also it didn't have super creepy neighbors, so it was a huge step up from our first place.

Our third place was an apartment above a 100 year old house where one time the septic tank practically exploded and we had to pee in a trailer in the back yard, and I was pregnant with Two Bits at the time. 

Our fourth place was student housing where something actually did die in the crawl space under it.  And it shared a ventilation system with the whole row of apartments so the Indian neighbors a few places down shared their very smelly meals with all the neighbors.  And a couple days after I had my second baby some people moved in next door and started smoking which came right through our vents.  I was so ticked off I pounded on their door and told them off - but they pretended that they only spoke Chinese.  Also a terrorist was arrested in that same complex and we had a resident rapist that never seemed to be able to finish the job without the girls getting away.

Wait...didn't this post start out being about the olympics?


Cynthia said...

Holy crap girl! You've lived in some interesting places (and by interesting I mean scary!) Hopefully those days are far behind you but isn't it funny how in hindsight it seems almost fun and quirky?

cc said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You need to write an autobiography. That is some crazy stuff!

I thought the opening ceremonies were entertaining, but I didn't get choked up or anything. I do think it's pretty cool that the whole thing is about global pride at it's core, even though it seems all about Canada right now. It's great the way the world comes together for these.

And I kinda want to move to Vancouver now.

RhondaLue said...

I'm not into watching them either. We may be from the same planet. lol

Wonder Woman said...

Uh......that's nutso. Seriously.

We watched old episodes of Lost instead of the opening ceremonies.

Emmy said...

Wow, you lived in some horrific places! Glad you survived all of that.

I saw the torch too, when it came into Provo.

Claire said...



There. I said it. And I feel so much better now... ;)

Heather said...

I remember that rapist dude. There was actually a debate in one of my classes on whether or not it was ACTUALLY rape since he wasn't attempting to use his genitals.... I'm sorry you had such bad experiences with M-town. I looooved that place. I miss it daily. :(

Beeswax said...

Wait. THe olympics started?