Feb 24, 2010


When I was in Kindergarten I had a crush on a boy named Sammy. He had red hair. He lived in a blue house. I never even knew what his last name was. And he moved away after that.

I used to love wearing toe socks in high school. But now, I can't fathom the thought. I can barely stand normal socks. And only in the winter. The second I can justify it, I'm going back to flip flops for any and all occasions.

My eye has grown a cyst. And there's blister-like bleb that won't go away. And I still can't open it all the way. And now that my stitches are coming loose and about to fall out, I feel like an angry parakeet is practicing latin dance moves over my eyeball. And worst of all, it seems like the surgery isn't working because my glaucoma pressure is going up again.

It's sort of depressing, so instead I'm reminiscing. Back when life was easier. Back to the days of Kindergarten and toe socks.


Wonder Woman said...

I loved toe socks in high school, too. What were we thinking?

Totally sucks about the cyst. Totally, totally. :op

Kimberly said...

You poor girl...both for the pain and the worry. It's kind of weird reading about someone with eye problems, and major ones at that. My hubby is an eye doctor but I have a feeling this is well beyond his expertise.

Just know that some random stranger in Canada is praying for you, for what that's worth.

MomBabe said...

Seriously? Your eyeball is still broken? Ugh. I vote you sue for a zillion dollars. Then you could buy new ones.

Rachel Sue said...

OH, I'm so sorry. I would be reminiscing too.

I hope it gets better.

Life in the Highlands said...

Hey, I had a crush on Sammy, too! Not really, but I did have a crush on a boy who lived in a house. He gave me a valentine card with XOXOXO on it, so I was sure he was in love with me. Of course, every other girl in the class got the same card, I'm sure.

And my daughter wants toe socks so that it doesn't have to be either socks or flip flops--it can be socks and flip flops.

So sorry about your eye. I hope things get better for you soon.

RhondaLue said...

I'm feeling some sympathy eyeball pain. YIKES. That has to be the pits!!!!!!!!!! So sorry things aren't going well. Are you going back to the doc soon? I wonder what they will say?

Heather said...

I'm sorry things aren't going well for you. :(

Barbaloot said...

I think toe socks would feel SO suffocating!

I'm sorry your eyes aren't cooperating with the surgery. I hope the cyst goes away and everything is okay!

Jaron and Michelle said...

Didn't you use to wear socks with your sandals in the summer?

Emmy said...

I'm so sorry... I hope your eye heals up soon and is actually better.

Yeah and toe socks drove me crazy... something between the toes is just no good