Feb 16, 2010

late to the lovefest

I meant to write this sunday.  But I like to procrastinate and then pretend that it's cool to mention holidays that are already over.

I even took pictures of random candy hearts that I was going to arrange into some kind of awesome love message.  But those will have to be posted at random sometime in the future.

So onto the mentioning of holidays past...

When I was in 1st grade I got a valentine that had "I love you" handwritten on the back.  I kept it.  But not because I felt a tingling in my cold little heart.  I thought that it would come in handy as blackmail.

But then when the same boy pushed me down in 4th grade on the one day I wore a dress to school, thereby exposing my panties to the entire class, I found out that I had become too much of a chicken and not nearly creative enough to get him back by using the aforementioned valentine.  Which was really a bummer now that I look back on it.

I've never really liked Valentine's Day anyway.  It's just a holiday to make people buy stuff and feel bad.  Either you don't have someone to share the day with, or you're married and it doesn't matter anyway. 

Also, I've never been big on the whole romance thing.  In my opinion, 'romance' is about as useful as a pile of soggy, half-chewed fritos that your toddler has shoved into the toe of your left sneaker. 

I have a heart of pure metal.  Not ice.  Metal.  It's cold and it doesn't melt.  Except in the summer it gets kind of hot if I'm outside too much.  And sometimes it heats up when I work out - which I try to avoid, since I prefer it cold.  I think most of the people who like romantic stuff just have normal hearts made out of guts and muscles.

Husband and I did swap gifts this year though.  He made me a bookmark.  And I made him something like this:

Except, you know, with pictures of us.  It's a rubix cube.  Which I though sounded like a good idea.  Until Two Bits got a hold of it and decided to twist the thing into an oblvion.

I spent a day and a half trying to twist that cube back into the right form.  People can do - it can be done.  I could do it! 

Alas, no.  I did manage to get one side into a completely accurate picture - except that the rest of the cube looked like a polaroid had puked on it.  Finally I decided it would be smarter (for someone with my brain capacity) to rip all the picture squares off and replace them to their correct spots.

I have no idea how people figure out rubix cubes.  I also have no idea how to play a guitar with my toes, but that's a whole other story......


Emmy said...

You should have looked online, there is a site that shows you how to solve it :)

And that is a creative gift. Too bad you didn't embarrass the heck out of that boy. :)

Kimberly said...

Your kids are too cute. Seriously, they are. In a way that's making me eye up my own kids and feel a bit cheated.

No fair.

I got my husband a rubix cube for his stocking this year. He held it up with a perplexed look on his face (which I got a picture of - priceless) and said, "I thought you loved me."

Rachel Sue said...

Um. I have to tell you, that picture of your kids is beyond adorable.

Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

so I've been working really hard on my weight, not that it will help my face but anyway... My birthday in July I will be 30 and for my present to myself from Mark (he just doesn't know it yet) I was hoping you would do some fourth of July family pics for us. I would pay of course (as you are think of course)

Anonymous said...

as you are think.... I must have grown up drinking canal water... as you are thinking, is what it was suppose to say

Claire said...

GORGEOUS picture! And gorgeous kids!