Aug 24, 2009

and the title evades me.....yet again

So I'm thinking that I should probably write something on the blog...weird how to keep readers you have to keep writing stuff for them to read. I mean, it makes sense, but if I ran the world people would just have to peruse my archives until they had every word memorized.

What a joy that would be! (Lucky for you, I don't run the world. And I don't think the world is in danger of me running it at any time in the near future....unless something like that just happens to fall in your lap without any effort.)

Nothing blog worthy is in my brain at the moment. And I don't really watch tv, so I can't even talk about that.


I watched some BBC Shakespearean type shows the other day on Netflix. They were like the popular Shakespeare stories, but told in modern times (or like 2005 when they were made, or whatever. That may or may not be when they were done, by the way. I really have no idea.)

And you know, one of my celebrity crushes was in one. I've actually blogged about him before (but I didn't really have any readers besides family back then, so the post has like no comments.)

James McAvoy.

I really can't tell you why I think he's attractive. Especially since he has this way of never shaving, even in movies, and he always looks scruffy and that grosses me out. But still. I find him a little adorable.

Except that the Shakespearean tale that he was in was MacBeth. I have to be honest, I have never actually read that one, or even knew the plot (previously.) I just knew that it had some kind of haunting or crazy people in it.

James plays MacBeth. It was really great watching one of my celebrity crushes become a psychologically deranged killer.

Yeah, so my kids finally start school next monday. I'm going to have a first grader. Is that weird to any else besides me? Because I find that weird. Not like I don't have 4 kids or anything. But when did they get old enough to eat lunch in a different location, five days a week? And what am I going to do when I actually have to get out of bed before 9:30 to get her to the location where she'll be spending 7 hours a day (and eating that lunch)? I should really hire someone, preferably a morning person, to come get my kids ready for school in the morning.

OH, that reminds me. One of my oober (can I say "oober" or is that just for gay men to say? Because sometimes it pops into my head and I just don't know if I can socially acceptably say it outloud) funny friends told me today that she just hired a 'Manny.' She has 1 1/2 year old triplets, a 4 year old Downs Syndrome boy, she just went back to college and her husband works in another state (yeah, if anyone needs a Manny, it's her.) But it really got me thinking.

I want a Manny.

And he'd have to be a morning person.

But I really doubt he'd be able to do my daughter's hair in any school worthy fashion, so I guess I ought to just get out of bed in time to get her ready myself. (My priorities are clearly in check on this one.)


Emmy said...

I don't want a Manny but I want a maid. Cooking, cleaning, laundry.. yeah someone else can do it.

annie valentine said...

Harry went to first grade yesterday as well. Just between the two of us, I was a basket case.

Barbaloot said...

If he's a good manny, he could totally do her hair. Just sayin:)

wonder woman said...

I also heart James McAvoy. You should hire HIM as your Manny. Did you ever see the episode of friends where Ross and Rachel hire Freddie Prince Jr. as a Manny? It's hilarious.

Chief said...

and just think, if you had a manny, you could both use the word oober to have oober amounts of fun!

Heidi said...

Well James McAvoy is much better than Kid Rock, who I think you may remember I have a little I-love-him-inexplicably-thing with.

Rachel Sue said...

I think it's weird. I have a first grader. And it's weird. And I'm not a fan of making lunch at 7:30 every morning.

Claire said...

James McAvoy is flying the flag for us pasty, stubbled Scots... (yes - I unclude the females in that too..) He's a little better presented than most of us though. He at least has teeth that are all his, and and more on the white scale, than on the khaki-brown.

Hire him as you Manny. He'll be an early riser. But he will, like any Scot, only be up early to get a can of lager in before 9am...