Aug 8, 2009

shopping ahoy

I'm working up the courage to go grocery shopping. I have to go to Winco. Where EVERYONE else shops. I hate crowds. They should really just make a store for me. I would probably allow a few of my friends to shop there too - but only if they each chipped in for extra cookies for me each time they went.

We would always have sales at my store too. And it would probably be like a Super Target and have food and clothes and toys and stuff. Because I would hate to be selfish and have to have a whole other store for all that other stuff.

I'm debating on whether I should offer for the whole family to go shopping with me. Except that's just beyond foolish, because what, am I insane? My whole family in a grocery store = bad news. The fact that the thought even crossed my mind proves how much I do not want to go. Clearly my brain is functioning on a non-rational plain due to the pressure of a very unwanted task.

But the only other option is to hand Husband a list and then let him leave the house kid free - which he gets to do every day, by the way, when I don't. So I guess I ought to go get my shoes on and just deal with the over-crowded store where I can never remember which aisle has what in an effort to find the best deals on crap like Mac and Cheese and frozen peas.

I'll probably have to get some good cookies while I'm there just to make it a teeny bit worth it.


Chief said...

Don't send the husband. They never get everything on the list and the things they do manage to find are wrong...all wrong!

Heather said...

Winco is AWESOME! After midnight. THAT is when you should go. They are opening one down here. I am so super excited!!!!

Barbaloot said...

It helps if you open the cookies to eat WHILE you shop. Just sayin.

Emmy said...

As much as I hate shopping with my kids, I save a lot of money when I do. If I don't have them I wander, just because I can... and then I buy a lot more stuff.
But yes, shopping is more often than not a pain.

Claire said...

I have sewn together a couple of nose bags that i use on the kids when we go shopping. Fill wiht cheerios, or some kind of sugary cereal. No milk. Then set your watch. 100 grams of cereal will buy you exactly 20 mins. you must include checkout time in this.

Good luck, and God speed.

LisAway said...

I don't hate shopping too much but I come home and am GOOD FOR NOTHING. I think I spend my hour at the store in such deep concentration that it completely wears me out. Pretty pathetic, but true.

JennyMac said...

We dig grocery shopping in this house...Pre baby we literally would go four times per week. And luckily, my hub is a great shopper. We cook a lot! :)