Aug 12, 2009

soapboxishness-like (in some parts)

You know what feeling I really hate?

Numb eyeballs.

It doesn't really hurt, it's just really weird. And it makes it really annoying to put contacts in when you can't even feel your eyeball.

I got some new drops from my dr yesterday (they numb me twice each time I go, by the way, which is thoroughly annoying) and it's like putting liquid fire straight into my eyes. I get to use those drops twice a day now. Along with a couple other kinds of drops (one of which is like putting skim milk in my eyes.)

For those of you new to my blog, you should probably know that I have Glaucoma. Yes, it's an old people disease. I am always the youngest person in the waiting room at the dr's office. And that's even including the people giving all of the old people rides. But it's in my genes, so liquid fire drops and numb eyeballs happen to me a lot.

You know what is really frustrating?

School clothes shopping for a first grader. (I'm switching gears...did that throw you off?)

My kids are sturdy. Not overweight. Not even at the top of the growth charts (once out of babyhood.) At school age I wouldn't even consider them chubby. Just nice and solid.

So why do they make little girls jeans for tall stick-like children? My six year old is also kind of tall. But not tall and skinny. Tall and sturdy. So by the time I find jeans that don't cut into her stomach when she sits (or exhales) they have to be rolled up about 3 times.

It's really annoying. Who are all of these stick-like girls that clothing designers are working for? Because yesterday I found a pair of size 7 little girl jeans with major hips in them. And last I checked girls that size don't have hips.

I also found a lot of skanky shirts that size. My sister called me a prude yesterday - which is sort of true (although I prefer the term "values" rather than "prudishness.") But it's hard for me to picture a parent that wants to emphasize their first graders non-existent cleavage and midriff. And yet the clothes exist.

Husband and I watched a movie the other night on Netflix. "Lakeview Terrace." Not a feel good movie.

There was a whole lot of racial stuff in that movie, and it really makes me wonder when we're ever going to get over that? Not that I don't think race is important. On the contrary, I think everyone should be proud of who they are and where they came from and what they look like. I just don't think that it should make anyone feel entitled to prejudices or privileges.

...stepping down from soapbox now.


Chief said...

I thank the gods every day that I don't have a daughter I have to dress. The stuff they have out there is crazy!

My kids are stalky though and that is terrible to shop for too!

Emmy said...

I agree, the clothes really are horrible for little girls. When we were at the beach last week I was amazed at the amount of preteen girls in bikinis.. I mean they don't even have anything to hold them on!

Barbaloot said...

Numb eyeballs? What a pain! I'm very sorry.

Also, sorry about the clothes. But it's nice for your girls that you're a "prude"---it'll help them be modest as they get older. It worked for my mom and me:)

Heather said...

Nope, you are not a prude. I totally agree with you. I'm sick of children being dressed as sexy adults. It's disgusting. I think it's high time we stop sexualizing our children and let them be kids. When you and I were Two Bit's age we wore KID CLOTHES. They didn't resemble adult clothes. For good reason.... we were KIDS. NOT ADULTS! ..... sorry, looks like I kinda shoved you off your own soap box so I could jump on. haha.

Rachel Sue said...

I hate hate hate hate hate skanky little girl clothes. Partly because I have two little girls and it is ridiculous sometimes trying to find modest clothes for them. And partly because, yes let's empower women by teaching the early to use their bodies to get what they want. To consider their bodies an asset rather than a blessing.

Makes me sick.

MommyJ said...

you aren't a prude at all. I have a five year old and dressing her is most mighty annoying. I try and shop off season sales at the children's place, cause those clothes normally fit her well, and generally look like little girl clothes.

Melia said...

I so totally get the youngest person at the DR.'s office thing. I'm 37 and have had macular degeneration for five years. I always get all kids of stares from the other people in the waiting room. And they get really cranky if I take my children with me. Sorry folks, didn't know that D-list celebrity talk show was so important to you! Next time I'll try to get a more age-appropriate condition!

And on the subject of little girls' clothes? I'm with you every inch. Say it loud: they are LITTLE GIRLS, not sex kittens in training! Thanks for providing a space for me to rant alongside you.

Claire said...

Yeah!! Hell, yeah!!!

That's me shouting my support for ya!

My gran's got glaucoma. i gues it's coming to me too in it's own sweet time. Roll on the the eye drops.

And don't even get me started on skanky kids' clothes. I sent my 6 year old to a birthdya party a couple of months ago and she was the only one who was wearing a t-shirt with two shoulder straps on. One shouldered numbers seem to be the rage. No, no. Not on my watch, sista. And people can call me a prude if they like. But I ain't having m little girl dressing like a skanky lady.

Wow. You kinda pulled me up on that soap box there with ya.