Jun 15, 2012

creepy moth

My husband is the worst moth killer ever.

I'm very good at my part of the moth killing job.  I see the moth.  I jump and point.  I yell, "It's a moth!  Get some toilet paper.  Kill it!  KILL IT!  HURRY!"

But then...

Husband takes FOREVER getting toilet paper while I have to watch the moth and wait and wait and wait.

So then, by the time Husband comes back, it has MOVED.

I really hate it when bugs move.  It's creepy.

When the moth killing is finally a go, Husband starts swinging his arms wildly.  Probably because the moth is flying at his face. I've learned to leave the room because he doesn't even care if he makes the moth go flying right at MY face.  It's rude.  And creepy.

And then most of the time he can't find the moth after he's been flinging his arms around, because it's sort of impossible to watch a moth and swing at a moth at the same time.  Or so Husband tells me.

So then I have to cower in my room and type things on my blog.  Because the moth is still at large in the other room.


Literally, 3 minutes after I hit "publish" Husband came into our room.  And he's like, "I just wanted to let you know that I caught the moth, see..."


And then he started swinging his arms and lost it again.  In MY BEDROOM.  Where my bed is.  How am I ever supposed to sleep in there without having creepy moth dreams?!

Plus, now I'm cowering in the other room while me room is all moth-at-large-y.


LisAway said...

Oh man. Moths are the creepiest. Just yesterday we were walking through old town Mielec eating ice cream. Evie and I were talking and she stopped in the middle of a sentence and said, "I think a moth just landed on your ice cream." I looked, and there was no moth, but there was a tiny imprint and some creepy nasty gray powder. I wiped the powder off thoroughly and continued to eat.

You have a brave husband. So do I and I'm very grateful to him because he HATES moths (they are the creepiest, most drunken fliers) but still takes care of them for me.

Janice said...

Moths are super creepy. When I was in high school in Colorado we had this one summer where there was a plague of moths. They were EVERYWHERE. One night I fell asleep reading with the light on in my room and my door open. I woke up at 3am because A MOTH HAD LANDED ON MY FACE. When I looked around my room there was literally a HUNDRED MOTHS. All over my ceiling, walls, bed, dresser. Uhhaahlechhhh. Creeps me out still to think about is. I had to turn on the hall light and turn off mine and run around my room waving my hands and a fly swatter until they all flew out of my room. It must have taken a half hour. THen I slammed my door shut and climbed all the way under my covers (after checking them closely).

It was horrifying. I have flash backs whenever I see a moth.

Rachel Ward said...



Rachel Ward said...



The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Moths must die!

The Damsel In Dis Dress @ www.mynewoldschool.com

elesa said...

I feel like moths are getting a bad rap here. They aren't that bad. They're like ugly butterflies. If I had to have some bugs in my house, moths would probably be in the top 5 that I would pick.

However, I would NOT stay at a hotel that advertised its rooms as "Moth-at-large-y", but that is just common sense.

elesa said...

Ok, an infestation of moths in my bedroom like happened to Janice would NOT be awesome.

Still, I'd rather it be moths than cockroaches.