Jun 8, 2012

back to blogging again

So it's summer vacation.  yeeeeha.  My kids have spent their two first days of summer vacation "doing chores" which is what I told them to do.  Except that "doing chores" means "destroy the house" to the kids.  So, you know, good times.

I want to start blogging regularly again because I miss having an outlet in which I can say whatever I want.  Outlets are super.

I was actually going to start blogging regularly about a month ago.  And then all sorts of not cool happened and I just didn't feel like it.  But now it's a little less not cool, so yeah, we're good.

One awesome thing about summer vacation is that I decided to have a tradition where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 1-7.  Which is what I'm doing while I type this blog post.  Because Buffy is neato and I still love Spike.

And guess what else?  My 5 year old Monkey needs bifocals.  Yup.  BIFOCALS.  Which is the super bestest thing ever.

Also, our car broke down and then we had no car for 3 weeks.  So we rented one, because, yeah, need a car.  And it was really expensive and our whole family couldn't fit in it.  And that was part of our not cool stuff.

Oh, and also, my husband was laid off from his job, and then found another job, and also he might find a better job, and possibly we'll be moving to a different state again.

Basically, ALL YAY.



Janice said...

I sort of lurk around here, but I find your blog very funny, so I'm happy you're back!

And all that other stuff sucks. Glad the car crap is over.

Barbaloot said...

I totally wanna rewatch Buffy with you. Except a large part of season six and seven where there was no Giles. Boo.

Season 2 Spike is my favorite:)

Melanie Jacobson said...

Uh . . .

Yeah, most of that doesn't sound fun.

I've never seen Buffy. Weird, right? Especially because I love Joss Whedon stuff. I really gotta get on that.

elesa said...

That is a lot of Junk. I'm sorry.
Are you excited about the possible move? Except that moving sucks, of course? You weren't very excited about moving back here in the first place, were you?