Jun 25, 2012

childhood miseries

I'm listening to my children converse in the other room and I'm realizing that I totally forgot about the injustices of childhood.  You know, when the world is out to get you, and everyone hates you, and you're the unluckiest kid on the entire planet and possibly universe, otherwise why would your life be SO HARD?!

Two Bits is teaching the younger two the finer points of voicing the despair and unfairness of things while they pick a billion plastic baggies off the floor that they decided to throw there and then try and convince me that our giant box of baggies exploded on it's very own.

The Two Bits dramatic dialogue goes like this:

"This is the worst summer vacation EVER.  We're like slaves!  We don't even have a vacation planned, and we can't even go to Disneyland even though we're doing ALL THESE chores!!  We never do anything fun.  Our days are just filled with chores and cleaning and relaxing then more chores, and then relaxing, then watching movies, then more and more and more and more and more and more and more chores! Then we have to do MORE CHORES!!


And the whole time the little kids are just going, "YEAH!" and then repeating the "more and more and more" on que.

It reminded me of my childhood.  My sisters and I were like slaves too.  Always having to clean up after ourselves and do horrible things like vacuum the WHOLE ENTIRE living room.  And then I HAD to spend every afternoon outside with my friends.  Plus, we only got ice cream cones whenever my mom FELT LIKE IT!

Being a kid is the worst.


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Hahaha, you are so cute! You crack me up...I love the way you write!

Rachel Ward said...

I do have memories of that. but its so much funnier coming from their mouths.