Mar 19, 2012

crap dust gunk crud

Remember when I shattered the glass screen on my iphone?  It got fixed at this little kiosk in the mall, which seemed just fine.  But immediately after I got it back it started to trap little particles of crap behind the glass.

And then time passed.

And more time passed.

Until my phone was hoarding so much dust and gunk behind it's glass that it was ultra disgusting.  And I was almost too embarrassed to show people my awesome Tardis phone skin.

Except that I showed off my Tardis skin anyway, because I was so excited.

I would say, "Check out my super cool phone skin!"

And people would be like,"That's awesome!" 

And I would be like, "Do you know what it is?"

And people would be like, "Not really.  Is it from a book or movie or something?"

And I would be like, "You and me - we're no longer friends."

And then I would walk away.  Because, honestly, IT'S THE TARDIS.  (Someday I'm going to make my husband build me an actual Tardis to keep in our yard.  And it's going to go right next to the life size weeping angel.)

So, anyways, back to the crud under my glass....

On friday we went to that same kiosk in the mall and told them that after they fixed my phone it's been getting all disgusting, and they told us that they would clean it for free.

So then we had to waste 20 minutes at Build a Bear while it was getting cleaned.  And my kids took pretty much all the stuffed animals off the walls to give them "baths".  And we didn't buy a single thing, even though there was this adorable monkey there that I'm pretty certain my Monkey NEEEDS.

When we went back to the kiosk, the guy was like, "Uh, this is WAY worse than I thought it was.  Do you like work in a shop?  Or go near sawdust a lot or something like that?"

And then I felt kind of embarrassed so I said, "No, I just let my kids play with it a lot, and I throw it in my pocket a lot, and once I dropped it in a bowl of flour and oatmeal while I was making cookies...."  Except that I really didn't say the one about the cookies, because that kind of information is none of kiosk guy's business.

And then I didn't want to stand there anymore while the pink haired, nose ring, kiosk girl (who apparently had nothing better to do) kept glaring at me like I didn't deserve a phone if I can't take care of it.  So while the kiosk guy finished the cleaning I went into a store and bought a candle that smells like real live strawberries.

And Husband found me when my phone was ready.

And I asked him if the kiosk guy said anything about my awesome Tardis skin.

And Husband said no.  Like it didn't even matter.

Then I said, "We're never going there again."

The End.

P.S. Want to see my awesome Tardis phone skin?  (Do you still want to be friends?!)
Except I only have a 3GS, but I stole this picture from the etsy shop where I bought mine, and I think the iphone 4 makes the Tardis look even more awesome.  Does anyone want to buy me an iphone 4 so I can get the more awesome skin?  anyone.....


Melanie Jacobson said...

I know what the TARDIS is. I would have recognized your skin right away. So there.

Barbaloot said...

I'm opposite of Melanie---what is TARDIS? :)

Also, I'm afraid my new phone is gonna get all dirty, too. I haven't even taken the new film off yet.

Tricia said...

Very few things make me jealous--but I want one. And I don't even have an iphone. But I do have an itouch. I'm going to go check out etsy and see if they have a tardis skin for that.

@ Barbaloot: A tardis looks like a police box but is really a time machine. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space and is bigger on the inside than on the outside.

PS. I love the weeping angels, but I wouldn't want one in my backyard. That would be really creepy. I'd have to keep my eyes open all the time.