Mar 21, 2012

reinvented cooking: an inspirational post about making do with cheese

I'm always reinventing the food I create.  Not because I am a master chef with all these great ideas.  More because my food never really tastes that good to begin with, so when eating leftovers, it's really not good at all.

First I'll pull a container of food out of the fridge and the first thing I check is if it's swarming with mold.  Because sometimes I forget how old the leftovers really are, so it's a good thing that the mold reminds me that, in fact, we ate the original pot roast 2 months ago and not last sunday like I thought.

If said container of food is not fuzzy and/or blue, I decide that it's as good a lunch as any.  But then I remember how not awesome it tasted, and how nuking things in a microwave always make them taste sort of icky anyway.  And then comes my lunch altering thought:

"This would taste so much better with______________ in it." (insert condiment or food item in blank)

And the resulting lunch, is sometimes, sort of, not really, better tasting, ish.

It all really depends on what I decide to add.  Cheese, for instance, almost always makes things taste better.  Unless you're adding cheese AND strawberries.  Because, in case you didn't know, those two food items do not go together well.  (Unless we're talking cream cheese, and then you KNOW it's going to be slobber-worthy.)

Not everyone in my house is a big fan of my reinvented food.

Once I took leftover spaghetti, slapped it inside a flour tortilla with a glob of mayo, and sauteed it in butter.  I had to eat the whole thing myself, because nobody wanted to even taste it.  And that's one of my best creations.

I would give you an example of one of my worst creations, but I can't think of any right now.  Probably because they are locked up somewhere inside of my repressed memory vault. (my repressed memory vault is bigger than Scrooge McDuck's gold swimming room, and it has about 57 locks on the door.  someday I might decide to go swimming there, but I really doubt it.)

So, basically, if you ever want to have dinner with us, we should probably go out.  Especially if I'd have to whip up leftovers and I'm out of cheese.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Your blog always makes me laugh! I have the same mold problem that you do.

LisAway said...

How inspiring!! :)

Just the other day I was sitting in my friends' kitchen in ITALY. (Ha. Just had to throw that in there.) We were making a pasta salad and kept tasting it and it kept not being quite right until I declared "PARMESAN!!!" About a half a cup of cheese later the salad was absolutely perfect.

Which has nothing to do with leftovers. Just cheese.