Feb 24, 2012

they drugged me and took advantage of my teeth

When I arrived at the dentist today I was a little worried that after taking the loopy pills I was still extremely coherent.  So they gave me something stronger and BOY HOWDY DID IT WORK.

I remember laying back on the dentist chair and picking out something to watch on the tv in the ceiling - My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

And I remember watching the scene where they discuss sending her to Greece to find a husband, because they were making a mold of my teeth at the same time.

And then I remember waking up in my own bed in different clothes at 10:00 PM when my husband kept yelling "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!"

So basically, I can't recall ANYTHING about most of my day.  But apparently I was interacting with with everyone like crazy.  I know this because my husband was kind enough to record some of these interactions on his phone.  And I figure I might as well post them online now while I'm still a little fuzzy and thinking their funny, because by tomorrow morning I'll be thinking straight and I'm sure I'll never want them to see the light of day - which just goes to show that I make awesome decisions when drugged!

(warning: my mouth is completely numb and puffy, and I have really really really loud hiccups.  So be prepared for some ugly.)

I think future me is going to be mad at past me for posting these.  SORRY FUTURE ME, blame the drugs.


LisAway said...

Oh. My. That is hilarious. You were so delighted to rush home to your beloved children. :P On that part you sounded like me when I'm NOT on drugs.

Barbaloot said...

Awesome. The loopy pills sound nice. Sometimes I'd like to forget about most of my day and then ask, "Is this where we live?"

Cynthia said...


elesa said...

Thank you. That was hilarious. The way you were looking at the camera was killing me. And then asking why your house was so ugly. I am going to be laughing about this all day.