Feb 15, 2012


So yesterday was Valentine's Day.  What a lame holiday.  Think about how many roses had to die just so people could be all mushy and stupid.  LAME.

Except that I was really fighting the urge to not work during the day.  Because I had lots of work to do, but technically it was a "holiday", but not really, so does that mean I can take time off?  I wasn't sure.  But in the end my laziness won out and I walked away from my computer.

Then I did what any sane person does on such a tremendous day of love:  I downloaded a horror novel onto my ipad kindle app and started reading.

I did take a short break from the gore to make my husband some cookies and do the dishes.  Because that was my gift to him.  Which is a pretty cheap gift, but at least I didn't kill any flowers for it or anything.

And Husband was kind of late getting home because I told him that he better come bearing chocolate.  But not just any chocolate, GOOOOOD chocolate.  So he had to track down an actual chocolate store.  He ended up going to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Trolley Square and MAN IS THAT STUFF TASTY.

Super tasty.

So now that I'm thinking about it, my day included laziness, horror, cookies, and really good chocolate - I guess Valentine's Day isn't so lame after all...


LisAway said...

How romantic! I got a rose (may it rest in peace) and then we watched the second half of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, since we'd watched the first half the night before (but stopped because it isn't much of a keep-you-awake-er. My Valentine's was quite romantic, too. I think horrors and westerns are equally romantic.

heather said...

Basically every time I read you (which is fairly often) I just think: Her and Caroline were a match made in heaven. :)

elesa said...

No kidding. It sounds like a pretty great day to me.

Latter-daycrafters said...

You are a very talented person! Keep up the Great work!