Dec 2, 2010

snow day

Yesterday was a "snow day".  As in, it snowed 6+ inches overnight so the school district called all the parents at 5:00 AM with a recorded message in Spanish telling them the schools were closed.

Yes, I said AT 5:00 AM.  IN SPANISH.  I'm pretty sure we still speak English in the U.S. even if it's well before dawn. 

I didn't answer my phone so my voicemail recorded it all, it was a pretty long message for such a short topic.  I mean, they could have just said, "SNOW DAY!" and all the parents would be like, "OK!"  And then we could all get back to our sleeping.  But no.  Long Spanish message.  (At 5 AM.)

A few minutes after hearing the phone go off I checked the message just in case someone had died or something (since that's pretty much the only time someone SHOULD call me that early).  I had no idea what the message said in my half-asleep state, but I coudln't go back to sleep so finally I woke up for real and listened again.  I had to listen to it like 3 times for all of my Spanish translation skills to kick in (which are fairly minimal and severely out of practice).  I finally figured it out about 3 seconds before they called again, this time with the recorded message in English.

These are the kinds of things I hate in the wee hours of the morning.  On my list of "Hateful Early Morning Sleep Disturbances" are: Kids puking in their beds  (of course, that's hateful at any hour), kids peeing in their beds, kids getting out of their beds, the house burning down and long Spanish recorded messages.  So now you know how best to annoy me.  When I'm sleeping.  At 5 AM.

I never had any snow days as a kid.  All the other school districts would close, but there we were trudging off to school through 6 feet of snow.....for 10 miles, without shoes, up-hill both ways.  Ok fine, my mom drove me.  And it was only like 1.3 miles.  And I had shoes.  And the 6 feet of snow was more like 2 1/2 feet.  BUT STILL.

We didn't enjoy the snow, however, on our first official "snow day" yesterday because I was really busy finishing this:

But it was worth it.  Especially when you all go read it.  RIGHT NOW.  Because I worked hard and you owe me.  (So fine, you don't really owe me.  But you still should go read it.)

The Barrel this month is all about Christmas!!  whooooo.  It has some super yummy recipes in it like the Magic Bar Cheesecake that my sister made up.  (She's a cheesecake wizard.)  There's also some cool Christmas crafts/homemade gifts in there.  I pretty much borrowed (stole) all of Rachel's ideas, because Rachel's awesome and let me.  Plus she has fabulous taste in crafts/homemade gifts.  And you can read some great Christmas-y stuff written by some of my very favorite bloggers like Lisa, Claire, That Girl and Kim.  And of course Barbaloot has written something hilarious, per her usual.

So yeah, that's what I did with my snow day.  And today we're just dealing with the aftermath which is mostly just slush, ice, wet jeans, late busses and the sparkling white lawns of the winterland that is now our neighborhood.

I really hate snow.


cc said...

Yeah, we got the fabulous spanish message too. I actually answered the phone and tried to decipher it, but somehow Brian just knew what it was about. He mumbled "snow day" and rolled over. I didn't fully appreciate it either, but I really tried. I tried to imagine how it looked to my kids, but it was hard. Really hard. I mean, all it meant was that they were home! Bugging me!

Barbaloot said...

I'd be furious if someone called me that early with a Spanish message. I'm furious for you.

But at least the magazine is great:) I had fun reading it---loved the idea to have people outside the US talk about Christmas traditions.

It looks beautiful---you really did a great job!

Caroline said...

I love your blog magazine. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Claire said...

The magazine is great. And really, I'm not jsut saying that;)

I've linked to it on my blog, so I can tell my friends of my fame and basically show off.

And we had a snow day the other day. I was generally hating life that day. And I didn't do anything productive. Just sat and sulked in the midst of my dirty house. Boo.

Rachel Sue said...

Wow, your school district calls you? I'm pretty sure around here you have to turn on the news and if you don't too bad for you!

Although the fact that it was in spanish kind of cracked me up. . .

Melanie Jacobson said...

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give snow a -3.

LisAway said...

You are extremely awesome. Awesome Melissa post and super awesome magazine.

MelissaLouise said...

Cute blog! I am not a fan of snow either....that is why I live in Arizona. :)

annie valentine said...

You need to go to youtube and look up "One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song". Then you can thank me.