Dec 8, 2010

how many things can I fit into one post?

I think I have a lot to say.  And I feel like numbering this post so it sounds all important and stuff.  So here we go:

#1 - Have you heard about this yet:

'Tis cool.  Every month you get 1 of 12 special edition paintings and ideas on how to bring your family closer through dinner table conversations and lessons.

All the paintings are by Liz Lemon Swindle, who not only is a fabulous painter but an awesome person.  When I was 18 I got to listen to her speak at a fireside.  I can still remember some of the stuff she said - which is saying a lot since my brain hardly remembers ANYTHING these days.

Check it out on the details on the  Return to the Family site.

#2- Monkey got into the Early Intervention Preschool.  And might I add, FINALLY.  I 've been trying to get him in since last February.  I haven't really blogged about it because I figure I whine enough here as it is.  And sometimes frustration is better dealt with when I lock it in a cage in a brain and keep it there.  (Yeah - repressed emotions are uber healthy.)

The reason why it took so long for him to get accepted was because they have to determine everything by test scores (the joy of state-run programs).  And Monkey has always tested better than he functions.  And his scores are always just above the cut off line.  So they'd say, "Oh sorry, we can't let him come because this piece of paper says so."

But I kept trying, because I'm annoyingly persistent when I want to be.  And one day I spent 2 hours with the school psychologist filling out tests on what Monkey is like at home.  So this time when they tried to turn us away they couldn't - because there was a piece of paper that said he could be there.

Now we just need to get the bussing thing all worked out.  Of course it would help if his teachers didn't accidentally FORGET he rides the bus.  Because that's just obnoxious.  This is my daily "getting the kids to school" schedule:

8:55 Monkey gets on bus.
8:56 Other kids, who are already buckled into the running van, get driven to school (which is a different elementary school than where the preschool is held.)
Chill (or work - usually work) with just ONE KID at home (joy joy joy) for awhile.
11:55 Snag girl across the street and walk a couple blocks to bus stop.
12:05 Opie gets off kindergarten bus.
12:15 Neighbor girl gets on different school's kindergarten bus (in case you're confused- the kids around here to go to a bunch of different schools which is sort of annoying, but man am I glad we have choices).
12:16 Walk back home
12:25 Monkey gets off bus in front of house.
3:40 Pick up Two Bits in van.

Lots of busses.  But it beats having to drive everyone around!

#3 Is this post getting long enough yet?

#4 I still can't see out of my left eye.  SUPER ANNOYING.  How am I even supposed to practice Guitar Hero like this?  Or, you know, work.

#5 I'm trying to earn a few extra bucks for Christmas this year (just like every year, really.)  And I have a bunch of coloring pouches and mini dinosaurs already made (as seen in The Barrel this month).

The coloring pouches look like this:

Those specific ones are actually for my kids.  But I do have the following colors available:
• brown & blue with a star
• black & green with a star (I have two of these)
• purple with a flower
• purple & white with a flower
• blue & red with a star
• red & gray with a star
• blue & brown with a flower

They cost $8 (which includes shipping).  And if you want one in a different color, I would have to get a few more supplies so they'll cost $9.50.  And if you want to buy more than one, I'll knock off $2 on each (after the first) to make up for the combined shipping.

The mini dinosaurs that I have already made look like this:

Those exact colors and everything.  (The green one has light pink spots and the purple has blue spots - you can't see them in the picture.)

They cost $9 (including shipping) unless you want a different color, and then it will be $11.  I'll also knock $2 off the price for shipping, per extra dino that you order.

So yeah, email me if you want anything: melissabastow AT hotmail DOT com.
(I'm a dweeb and had my email address wrong before - so if you tried to email me before this line appeared in the me again.)

And that wraps it up - - that had to be a personal record for long post writing...


Loralee and the gang... said...

wow you have some really cute stuff. I made a few hippie-esque handbags and I was going to set up an etsy account to sell them, but it just hasn't happened . . . maybe I will do some sort of giveaway...we'll see.

Melanie Jacobson said...

The coloring pouches are a great idea and I would totally order one except for the fact that my three-year-old would crayon thrash our newly pained walls. Crayons are banned in our house (although he sneaks them home from nursery in his pockets sometimes). Good luck, though. Way cute!

cc said...

I am forever grateful and in your debt for the girl snagging you do for me. ;) I might take one of those dinos if you have any left for J's stocking. She needs something more to unwrap. Let me know.