Dec 20, 2010

fat give away

Because I'm awesome, I'm giving away TWO $25 gift certificates for my stellar website Green Jello with Carrots.  (These are to cover those last minute, "oh crap I forgot to buy a gift for what's their bucket" emergencies.)

Here are some pictures of the crap we offer on our site (and when I say "crap" I mean "the awesomest products ever to exist"):
 Fun games for FHE or, you know, just for fun.

 A crazy huge amount of file folder games. (Church-y & fun ones.)

Primary talks, in color so all you have to do is print them.

 Hey look, more file folder games.

 Christmas-y stuff.

Cool stuff to use in Primary classes or for FHE.
Some other stuff.  Ok, LOTS of other stuff.  We seriously have lots and lots of stuff.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite product is.  And you can have extra entries if you either follow my Green Jello with Carrots blog or "like" us on Facebook.  (Leave a comment for each entry, and don't forget to leave your email address.)

I'll be randomly choosing the winners on Wednesday at 5:00 PM MST.  And the cool thing is that you can download our products immediately so you don't have to worry about shipping, or you can print a fancy gift certificate and just give it to someone in your family, and they'll think you spent $25 on them.

Yup, awesome.


Caroline said...


jjstringham said...

I don't know about my favorite product (because, hello?, you've got tons of awesome stuff), but I can tell you that if I somehow managed to win that I'd totally get the I love Dad cake box thingee. Hubby's birthday is a week after Christmas, and he doesn't like cake. Perfect-o alternative. Thanks for the giveaway!

jjstringham said...

I also like you on facebook. Thanks again!

Jen said...

facebook, check.

Jen said...

I like your primary stuff, but the folder games look fun, too!

Jennifer said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the Reverent Charades game for FHE. I have five little ones and this is always our biggest challenge. I love the bright colorful, and adorable pictures.

Autumn said...

Build a gingerbread house! Heck yeah! Such a fun idea.

Autumn said...

I also liked your facebook :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh the relax stuff look fantastic! Your group of pics in your sidebar seriously distracted me just like your caption said it would! So fun!!

Merry Christmas!