Apr 9, 2010

I'm beginning to think we're all cursed

My sister-in-law had a baby last night.  Another girl in the family (girls tend to be a recent trend....)  The baby is healthy, and probably looks like her 2 year old sister - except maybe with hair.  (Baldy firstborn girls also seem to be a trend here.)

Except after delivering the baby, in what I hear was a very rushed manor, my sister-in-law couldn't stop bleeding.  The baby was born at 1:28 AM, and by the wee morning hours of dawn she was still bleeding  (I say "wee morning hours" because the details are going through about 5 channels before they reach me, so accuracy is somewhat lost.)

They took her into surgery to find and fix the source of the bleeding.  I guess she spent hours in there.  They couldn't figure it out.  So they sent her to the ICU, still bleeding.  That's the last I heard a few hours ago.  I guess if she doesn't start clotting and slowing down in X amount of hours (accuracy - not known) she'll have to have a hysterectomy.

At 28 years old.  With only two kids.  The situation isn't great.  So if you have a few extra prayers to throw around - you can send them to her.  Extra prayers are proven miracle workers.  I don't know what we'd do without them.

After all of this, I'm really starting to wonder if we're all cursed in this family when it comes to having babies.  Except that the curse extends to my in-laws, yet also my own sister.  So maybe the curse just radiates from me?  Out of the nine kids born to both sides of my family, only one of them has come into the world without some kind of problem.

I started having kids first, so it's probably my fault. 

After two days of hospitalized labor with Two Bits, the ginormo-headed posterior positioned child made her entrance the only way she could, via c-section.  I know it's a small and somewhat normal complication to find out you need a c-section.  And it's not like we had to rush to the OR in order to save lives.  But because of that ginormo-headed daughter of mine and her necessary c-section birth, my uterus turned into a wuss and caused pre-term labor and the early delivery of each of my subsequent children, and in turn their own NICU hospitalizations.  Plus, by the time I had Number Four, there were so many things going on with my pregnancies, I'm not even going to get into it.  But clearly the curse worsened over time.

But my experiences are really nothing if you compare them to the twins.  (Who I finally got to see for the first time last weekend - - they're almost 7 months old, and off all oxygen and monitors, and really adorable, and if I hadn't have gotten lost....multiple times.....on my way to their house I probably would have had time to take a few pictures.)

Then last month my sister had to have the super scary emergency c-section to save her baby's life.

And now my sister-in-law is laying a hospital trying not to bleed to death.  (Ok, they won't let her bleed to death, but having multiple transfusions and knowing a hysterectomy is staring you in the face is probably not what she had in mind.)

So do you think it's a curse?  Do you think it's just me?  I jinx people, don't I?  I wonder if it's contagious?  It might be, because about 5 weeks ago one of my best high school friends had a baby at 24 weeks gestation.  The baby is doing ok, considering.  And I really didn't think my birthing jinx could stretch to Texas.  But now I don't know.

Is it weird that when I hear of someone going into labor I jump right to worrying instead of happiness?  Or is that just sad?


Heather said...

Child birth has been the most fatal and dangerous thing for women since the beginning of time. Even with all of the problems you've seen, child birth in "this day and age" is a million times better than even 100 years ago. Heck, it's a million times better than FORTY years ago.

All the best to your sil.

Heather said...

Also, I was just remembering your experience with Two Bits. I remember calling the hospital over and over again on the 4th and the nurse wouldn't even give you a message for me. And then my mom called the next day to ask if I'd run some food to your mom and I was like, "What do you mean?! She hasn't had the baby yet?!?!" As I recall that doctor was quite awful to you. Hopefully he got what was coming to him. Like maybe he caused a non-injury wreck that totaled his expensive car and cost him a bunch of money in the repairs for the other car involved or something. haha.

Wonder Woman said...

Holy cow. That's some scary stuff. I'm kinda glad we aren't super bestie close friends. ;o)

I really hope things turn around for your SIL. Prayers going her way.

Emmy said...

I am so sorry. And no, I don't think you are cursed. What were the signs of your preterm labor? I have just been having I am almost positive a lot of braxton hicks lately, but now your post got me worried I guess :) But don't worry, I am sure I will be fine and you did not curse me, just curious.
And well definitely say some prayers for your sister-in-law

Autumn said...

Want my honest opinion? This whole thing with our family has temporarily scared me from having kids for a very long time. I don't know what it is about our family, but holy cow. Maybe we are cursed.

OUR FOREVER..... said...

I was actually thinking the same thing yesterday. Now I know who to blame this curse on! :) JK my body just hates pregnancy all together. But I do think since you started it you get to tell Jamo's one day wife once he meets her. :)
I have to agree on the worry thing. I think it comes with the trama. I freak everytime I see Life Flight and can't help but to wonder whose baby is on it.

MomBabe said...

Well, I'm gonna have to say it's you. You're definitely cursed.

And I NEVER NEVER NEVER offer any kinds of advice or ANYTHING pertaining to pregnancy/delivery/babies.

Because then whoever I was talking to would start sobbing hysterically and rocking in the corner for the remainder of her days...

Good times.

prashant said...

Hopefully he got what was coming to him. Like maybe he caused a non-injury wreck that totaled his expensive car and cost him a bunch of money in the repairs for the other car involved or something.
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Jaron and Michelle said...

I'm glad I can now blame c-section on you lol