Jan 22, 2010


Two minutes ago in the Bastow household the following conversation took place.

Scene: Kids seated at the table eating aliens for lunch (aliens are actually rolls with marshmallow and pretzel antanae.)  PBS Kids is playing in the background, because Mom is busy, and PBS Kids is a great babysitter.

Opie: "Four is my favorite number!"

Two Bits: "Mine is 10!"

Mom: "What about you Monkey, what's your favorite number?"

Monkey: "BOOTY!!!!"


Emmy said...

Lol! So is Booty one? Since we all have one??

And yes PBS kids is great

Rachel Sue said...

That is a great number.

Two year olds are great.

Okay. Two year olds are great, sometimes.

Claire said...

They've got to learn to love their bootys! Ihateminebuthtat'scosiliketoeatlots;)

That Girl said...

I like this kid.