Dec 23, 2009

some good news.....and then just news

I've been meaning to tell you this for almost a week, and Alison Wonderland just asked, so it's about time I just get it posted, yeah?

Luke and Sofie are home from the NICU!!!

They went home last friday, after 3 months in the hospital. At first they thought they would only be able to take Luke home, and they were wondering how they would handle a baby at home in Logan while keeping another baby in the NICU in Ogden - being over and hour apart would be especially tricky when you have to nurse both of them. Then they were happily surprised with the all-clear to take them both.

They're both still on oxygen, and have to remain in as germ free environment as possible (ie. no visitors.) But they are both about 5 pounds (I think....) now, which is amazing considering they weighed only 1 lb. 10 oz. at birth.

They will still have struggles to overcome in the future. Little Sofia had some hydrocephalus and brain bleeds for awhile, which could impact her development, although it's much too soon to really tell. And they are both being closely monitored for their eyes (preemie eyes=possible blindness.) But overall, they're healthy and HOME - which is the greatest Christmas gift my bro-in-law and his wife could ask for.

They are adorable babies, and hopefully when the icky sick season is over we'll get to see them. (If I tried to see them now, I would probably kill them both with the germs that seem to be never-ending at our house this winter.)

I want to thank everyone who donated, and who put their button on your blogs. I'm going to keep the fund going for a little while, but if you want to take down the buttons, that's fine.

And thanks, especially, for everyone's prayers - - these probably helped the most!

(See those crocheted blankets on top of their carseats? SEE THEM? I made those. It's almost like I'm there with them...)


In other news:

I'm almost ready for Christmas. ALMOST. My kids are getting a lot of homemade crap again. And they're also getting shoes. Because we're all about the cheap and/or functional gifts this year.

We were going to have a really full house for Christmas: my dad, step-mom, step-sister, regular sister, and my mother and father-in-law were all going to be here.

But people keep ditching us.

Yesterday my mother and father-in-law informed us that they're bailing, and today it was my sister.

What is it? Do we stink? We don't have cool enough couches to sleep on? The cheeseball is better somewhere else?

Whatever the reason, that just means there's more candy, carmel popcorn, cookies and fudge for me to eat. So I guess it works out. (Except for the shrimp that Husband's mom was bringing - he's the only one that likes it, and it's totally not in our budget, so he can suffer through a shrimpless Christmas.)


Yesterday was my 8th wedding anniversary.

We celebrated by doing the usual:


You know, even moderately sane people know not to get married 3 days before Christmas. What were we thinking?

But in honor of our anniversary, here's a tidbit of info from the BIG day:

He was 20 minutes late. We got married in the Salt Lake temple. But they wouldn't let me in without him there....probably something about marriages not actually taking place when the groom is absent.

I was really freaked out. Not about the late thing. About getting married. Seriously, if they had exit doors near the sealing rooms, I probably would have bolted while no one was looking.

The only thing I remember the Sealer Dude (what is their official title?) saying was out in the hall when he said, "Well, if you've changed your mind, it's too late now." And then he escorted us into the room. After that it's slightly blurry.

Except I do remember that when it came time for me to answer during the ceremony, I couldn't even manage a "yes." All I could get out was, "yea...." and it probably sounded more like squeak clearing it's throat.

And here I am, 8 years later. With 4 kids. A whole lot fatter. And with wrinkles. And the knowledge that marriage can really suck and sometimes be awesome....but generally not at the same time.

And here's looking forward to the next 8 years. Or eternity. Whatever.




Emmy said...

Happy Anniversary! We are at 8 1/2 now, so very close. So glad the babies were able to go home for Christmas!

Barbaloot said...

So glad the babies are finally home! Thanks for keeping us posted on that. And what beautiful blankets you made:)

I went to my cousin's wedding yesterday. Apparently he didn't know not to get married that close to Christmas...

RhondaLue said... make me laugh. a lot.
#2, We've been married for like nearly 20 yrs and it still sucks sometimes and is awesome at others,
#3. The babies! So glad they got to come home for Christmas. I will never, EVER forget the day I brought my baby home from the NICU after so long of having to leave him there every night. :( What a happy day! Congrats to them!
#4. The crocheted blankets! beautiful. you are way talented!

mommabas said...

The shrimp exchange was successful. Lots of loot in a pickup from Utah. Have a great time with the fam. The twins are absolutley delicious! Luke however, is not a big fan of sleep.................