Dec 8, 2009


I think someone has hacked into my Zazzle account. Except that they were horrendously innocent hackers because all they changed is one of the models for one of my t-shirt designs.

click HERE

See the dark blue t-shirt with a pirate girl and swirls and stuff on it?

See that the models arms are super really wrinkly and old looking?

See how when you click on it, the model actually changes?

Yeah, that's my "this booty's not yours" t-shirt and someone put it on an old lady. VERY FUNNY HACKER.

(I'm also considering the option that Zazzle just got new models and it was somehow assigned to that t-shirt because they got rid of an old model, or some such scenario. Because I really doubt someone would have taken the time to hack into my account just to do this. Of course, you never know....)


Barbaloot said...

Zazzle? I've never even heard of such a thing. But I'm vaguely intrigued about this new model... :)

MommyJ said...

The utter hilarity of the whole thing is an old lady wearing a this booty's not yours shirt in the first place... maybe someone inside zazzle got really bored?

Elaine said...

That's so messed up! but still pretty funny! ;)

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