Dec 2, 2009

motivation to enter my giveaway

At the moment I'm writing this, I only have 5 comments on my giveaway post. And 2 of them aren't even entering. C'mon people, you can't fool me, I KNOW there are more people out there who haven't done their Christmas cards yet.

(It can't just be me....and the 3 people who entered.....who are total card procrastinators, can it?)

So, if you're wondering how you're going to get your cards printed once you get the files, boy do I have solutions for you!!!! (<--- you really need to read that in your best QVC presenters voice, it sounds so much better that way.)

There's a lot of online places that will give you free prints. Especially right now. And most places, even though they don't advertise free prints, will give them to you when you sign up just because they're so happy to get a new customer. So go and check out:

vistaprint (annoying to order from because they're always trying to offer you unrelated stupid deals through the whole process, but they have some superb deals)
costco (always 13 cent 4x6 prints and you can pick them up in an hour)

or any other place that I haven't yet used.....

Once I actually TAKE our Christmas card picture, I'll be getting 30 free prints of it, throwing it with a dorky family brag letter (I feel like making it extra braggish this year, just because we really have nothing to tell - I gotta beef it up, you know?) And shoving them in the mail.

Viola - cheapskate Christmas cards!

Now go enter my giveaway!!!!


Kimberly said...

They truly are lovely but I did mine already. ~sulksulkpoutpout~ Next year perhaps!

Cynthia said...

Sorry! I already did my Christmas cards too. Too bad because this is a really great giveaway!

Rachel Sue said...

Because I feel bad about not really entering, I will also tell any one reading this that york photo has prints for 6 cents each right now. So, if you can't get them for free, that isn't a bad price.