Nov 20, 2009

my life in updates

Update 1:
The squatters are now home owners. Glad that's over.

Another Update:
Last week I got to tag along while Husband went to Phoenix for the National Greenbuild Convention and hang out in a hotel room for 3 days ALL BY MYSELF.

I want to go back.

Being alone is LOVELY.

Update Numero Tres: I saw NEW MOON today!!!!!!!!

I have to say that the first movie kind of killed the whole Twilight thing for me. Ok, not really. But the more I watched it, the more I realized how immature being obsessed with vampires and werewolves are.

And I am nothing if not mature.

But after watching New Moon (which was my favorite book of the series - TEAM JACOB) I'm ready to be immature and obsessed again. I was so worried they'd ruin it. I was ready to be disappointed on some kind of level (if only slightly....or possibly a lot, I wasn't sure.)

I'm not disappointed.

And tonight I may just possibly dream that I'm a teenager again so that I can stalk and maybe even date Taylor Lautner.

Maybe when I see the movie a few more times -like 37- I'll decide to be mature again.

We'll see.


Emmy said...

Yes I agree, it was so so good! Especially compared to Twilight. All of the teenage girls where squealing and clapping and while I didn't join in, I sure wanted to :)

wonder woman said...

It was so much better than the first one! And I got a litle hot and bothered myself with Jacob shirtless the whole time.

Barbaloot said...

I'm so glad you liked New moon! I feel like so many people say it's their least favorite---it was good. I'm not really Team Jacob or Edward, I just like the books. But let's be honest, Taylor Lautner was so dang hot in that movie! If I did pick a team, he'd have a super strong argument right now:)

cc said...

My oh my, that picture's practically pornographic! ;)

I think I WILL go ahead and see the movie before the book. I have to figure out a way to understand the obsession and a movie just seems like a quicker way to do it.

Diane said...

I KNEW you would be a Team Jacob girl! I mean, since we're practically soul twins, it was kind of a given. And I too loved the second book, and have been worried that the movie would be as big a let down as the first one was.

After your glowing review (and the picture of Jacob - who unfortunately looks NOTHING like any of the actual Native Americans from the Forks area {I know, I live there}) I may just cave in and go see it.

Miss you, by the way. Your hystericalness lights up my life.

Jen said...

So, you're probably wondering who the heck your soul-sister Diane is. That would be my mother, this would be her computer, and that would be me, forgetting to log myself in.

You still light up my life.

Jaron and Michelle said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm glad to hear it is better than the first one!! I'm a team Edward person when reading the books but after seeing all the previews for New Moon it is making me rethink my decision!