Nov 6, 2009

hate crime

Someone local must have found out my pumpkin stabbing/ditching on doorstep plan....I suspect the squatters. Because the night before last someone smashed all six of our pumpkins in the road.

And left every other pumpkin on the street in tact. Let me just tell you - there were a lot of pumpkins on our street.

Honestly I was going to make Husband throw them in the trash yesterday morning anyway (trash day) so the smashers get me out of dealing with the kids' whining. At least I'm not the bad guy this time.

But seriously? Just our pumpkins?

I think someone hates us.

Completely unrelated - I haven't heard back on my book yet. They're just a small publisher anyway, but still. Hey, does anyone know any really good literary agents for children's picture books? If you do, please do tell...


Barbaloot said...

That's why I avoid doing festive Halloween things in general. Much to much risk for vandalism:)

Good luck with the book!

Lourie said...

So rude when kids do stuff like that. Kids who are bored and can't figure out how to entertain themselves. But like you said, now you aren't the bad guy.

Rachel Sue said...

I hate it when people smash pumpkins. I didn't even put ours out last week for that reason.

Chief said...

We get ours smashed every year. what assholes


first time visitor

many things

first of all, you def have haters

second of all, they are prob the squatters

third of all, i have never heard of anyone doing that ever - the real estate agent giving them the keys

fourth of all - if someone gave someone else the keys to our house, they'd think it was great until they saw the nuclear waste site that is the man cave and run for the hills